How to get the sled in Sons of the Forest

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How to get the sled in Sons of the Forest

How to get the sled in Sons of the Forest . To get the sled in Sons of the Forest, you need to print it on a 3D printer located in a small bunker. . Once obtained, it can be used by clicking the left mouse button, but it must be in the air before doing so. The sled allows you to slide at high speed down slopes without wasting energy, but not to be confused with the Log Sled in the Forest, which acts as a portable warehouse .

In the next lines we will indicate how to get the sled into the sons of the forest , how to get the resin from the printer that is necessary to make it and if it is possible to get the log sled as well. Because who doesn't want several sleds on hand?

How to get the sons of the forest sled

In Sons of the Forest, you won't find the sled, but it must be made using a 3D printer located in a specific location. . To find it, go to the indicated location and you will find a small cave at the bottom of some stairs. At the end of the cave there is a small underground office where the 3D printer is located. .

In the location mentioned above, you will find a 3D printer connected to a laptop. Through the "Sled" icon you can select the sled to build it . But remember that building the sled requires 1000 units of printer resin , which is quite expensive. Also, the 3D printer initially only has 850 resin units.

Fortunately , there is enough printer resin in the same room to reach the 1000 needed to make the sled . But it's important to note that if all the resin is used for this purpose, there won't be much left over to make other items, and more will have to be searched for in different places.

Instead, you have the option to use the Sons of the Forest item IDs, found in the included guide, and follow the instructions to spawn them directly in your inventory.

  • Sledge Item ID: 428
  • Resin Printer Article ID: 390

How to use the sled in Sons of the Forest

To use the sled in Sons of the Forest, you must equip it from your inventory as if it were a tool or weapon. . After, while in the air, either jumping or falling from a high platform, press the left mouse button . By doing so, the character will place the sled below them and slide down the slope. If you press the button again, the character will get out of the sled. Remember that you will only be able to use the sled on a slope, there is no way to propel yourself forward on flat terrain. Once you are on flat ground, you will not be able to continue using the sled.

How to get a log sled in Sons of the Forest

Compared to the previous game, The Forest, Sons of the Forest does not include the Log Sled, a very useful item for transporting logs. However, this item may be added in future game updates.

The Log Sled in The Forest was a very valuable item that served as a portable storage container, allowing large quantities of items to be transported at once. It was especially useful if you wanted to move a base or collect large amounts of loot. As for Sons of the Forest, which is still in early access, a similar item for the logging sled will likely be added in the future. , given the high demand from players.

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