How to get the rope thrower in Sons of the Forest

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How to get the rope thrower in Sons of the Forest

How to get the rope thrower in Sons of the Forest . The Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest gives you the ability to create zip lines using ropes, which you can strategically place to facilitate travel. However, to discover the location of the rope gun in Sons of the Forest, you must go to a specific cave and confront the creepy cannibalistic creatures that surround it. . Although it can be challenging, once you acquire the rope gun and respirator in Sons of the Forest, you can use them to acquire the Sons of the Forest Shovel, an important item that will allow you to obtain high-performance weapons and access important places. in the action and the story.

With all of this in mind, below we'll provide you with a detailed guide on how to get the Rope Launcher in Sons of the Forest , with precise directions and a step-by-step walkthrough to help you get what you need .

How to get the rope thrower in Sons of the Forest

To find the rope thrower in Sons of the Forest, you need to head towards the cave located near the place where the helicopter crashed. . See the map to find the relevant area. Your goal is to find a hidden and sealed cave embedded in the cliff, which will be accompanied by a couple of boxes located outside.

If possible , it is recommended to build a wooden house outside to save progress . Keep your tarps for shelter inside the cave, as it will be more convenient if you avoid trying to perform all actions at once.

Smash the boards with the weapon you have and enter .

Once inside, you find yourself in a straight tunnel . Take the opportunity to collect any supplies you find and continue forward. Eventually you will reach a lower cave that is lit and you can go down into it using a path on the right side of the ledge.

Once you've descended, I recommend sticking to the left wall and following its course until you find a narrow passage that will lead you outside. You'll find basic level enemies here, but it's best to avoid them as much as possible, as control can quickly get out of hand in open areas. Through the narrow passage you will reach a chamber blocked by a monstrous creature. .

The way forward is blocked by the creature, which is trapped and poses no threat to you. This spot is ideal for building a shelter and saving your progress, as the section that follows is long but mostly straight, making it easy to come back and keep your progress.

Note that there are two bombs to the right of the creature, next to the body. Take one of them and use it to blow it up. . Once this is done, you will be able to continue on the road without any obstacles.

The path that follows will be a straight tunnel that takes you to another wide and well-lit cave. In this area you will find several enemies , as well as a special enemy known as "finger", characterized by being a giant mouth with legs. You have the option of facing them by using the narrow entrance as a vantage point and taking advantage of the Molotovs if you have any. However, you can also choose to avoid them or just run through the area. By overcoming this obstacle you will reach a room where you will see bodies hanging from the ceiling and cave paintings.

In this area you will encounter an enemy known as the Twins, so try to sneak past or run if possible and keep moving forward. You'll soon come to another well-lit area where you'll see bodies hanging from the ceiling. This time you'll face enemies, who aren't too hard to deal with as long as you move nimbly to avoid their jumps and hit them when they land. However , there are quite a few enemies, so it's a good idea to quickly move south to avoid trouble .

You'll want to keep moving forward until you get to a narrow part, and when you exit into another lit area, you might want to sneak as far away as possible, then run as soon as you're spotted. Here you will find many enemies, including the fingers, and it is challenging to face them all. You'll know you've reached the end when you see a bright light illuminating the exit.

You are in the last part now: another corridor where you have to face some enemies or just run to pass. As you progress you will see more hanging bodies and lights, but most importantly be aware of a left turn marked by metallic rocks and containing a ton of bones inside.

If you continue straight at this point, you'll find some items and a dead end. If you want, you can explore it and then come back to take the detour. When you turn left, a long straight stretch awaits you that will lead you to the Sons of the Forest rope thrower . On this path you will come across some baby monsters that you can hide, fight or just run past. Eventually you'll come to a lighted dead end, where you'll find the Windup Gun in a box.

Be sure to pick up the rope gun as it will allow you to use the rope suspended above you to get out. Once you've gone down, just run without stopping. On the way, you will encounter an enemy, but if you continue, you will reach the exit and you will be able to escape without any mishap.

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