How to get the mythical gun for Fortnite

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How to get the mythical gun for Fortnite

The recent addition of Mythological Gun in Fortnite It has created a lot of interest among players. And it's not for less, as the gun is not only powerful with 29 damage per shot and a x2 multiplier on headshots , but you can also empty your 15-round magazine in just a few seconds and reload even faster.

This makes any player who has the Mythology Gun in Fortnite an immediate threat. But how can you get it? Here we will teach you how to get Mythological Pistol in Fortnite to expand your weapon collection with this amazing gun.

Where to find the mythical gun for Fortnite

La Fortnite Mythological Pistol It is not found in regular loot or on the ground, unless another player has dropped it. The only way to get the Mythological Gun is to activate the boosted Mythology Ammo, which will instantly add it to your inventory.

Pulling off the Get the Mythological Ammo boost and therefore the Mythological Gun in Fortnite requires some planning and some luck. You have to unlock this recent addition to boosts in Fortnite and then hope it's offered to you during the random picks that pop up every match.

To unlock the Mythological Ammo Increase, all you have to do is keep participating in matches and activate as many boosts as possible , up to four per match. Over time, new expansions will be introduced under upgrade options and automatically added to your collection. Note that you cannot speed up this process by using reps, so don't waste your bars.

Finally, you will have access to increased Mythological Ammo , and then you can wait for it to be randomly offered to you or keep using gold bars to do more spins until it appears and activate it to get the Fortnite Mythical Pistol.

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