How to get Redistribution Packs in Warzone 2

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How to get Redistribution Packs in Warzone 2

In Warzone 2, the relocation kits are available in all game modes, making them very valuable if you want to continue playing after you die without having to go through the Gulag.

These teams allow you to respawn in the game after a death, which is very useful for continuing to compete. This article will explain in more detail what relocation kits are and where they can be found in the game . In addition, Sea Tokens and Sea Treasure Machines have been added to Warzone 2, which can help you progress through the game if you choose to use them.

What are Warzone 2 Redistribution Packs?

In Warzone 2, Redistribution Packs allow you to redistribute immediately after dying in the game. It's very simple: if you have one of these packs with you, you will skip the gulag phase and start over on the island without your team, in the place where you died. Sure, it's a very useful item to have in your inventory, but where can you find one?

Where do you get redistribution packs in warzone 2?

  • Buy at Buy Stations for $6,000
  • Guaranteed reward for completing Strongholds and Blacksites

If you're playing solo in Warzone 2, your best bet is probably to buy a station. You can easily find $6,000 worth of chests and land swaps within the first few minutes of the game as you prepare to secure the money. This strategy allows you to acquire the necessary equipment to survive on the battlefield.

Although S Strongholds and Black Sites offer a guaranteed relocation kit upon completion, this should not be considered the main reason for completing these quests. Despite having a good team, these tasks can be very challenging and focusing solely on getting the relocation package can be a risky strategy. It is better to focus on completing these missions to get resources and equipment to survive in the game. If you get the relocation kit as a bonus, that would be a great added benefit.

The opportunities to get a relocation set in terrestrial loot are very rare and I personally have not seen anything like it. Therefore, it's better to focus on getting them at the Buy Stations, Strongholds, and Black Pages, in that order. It's also important to note that you can only carry one of them at a time, so trying to stack multiples won't be effective. If you are in a team, it is recommended to have a partner carry it rather than trying to carry it yourself.

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