How to get Priority Fragments in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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How to get Priority Fragments in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to get Priority Fragments in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor . Priority shards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor can be found in almost every corner. They are essential if you want to get dressage supplies , so you'll want to get as much as possible to get the most out of their products.

They are hidden everywhere , sometimes right in front of you, but often they are hidden in inaccessible areas. You can also find them in the Scavenger robots you encounter , the red droids that escape in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. If you manage to reach one of them, they should drop some shards after their demise.

Right now, this guide only covers 20 of the 41 objects that have been discovered so far. However, it will be more than sufficient to unlock the mysterious Jedi Survivor key code in the Doma store. With that, you'll get another one of the Star Wars Jedi Survivors stim bottles that you can use to heal yourself, which is a valuable acquisition for something so useful.

How to get Priority Fragments in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

So here's how to get priority fragments in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor located so far.

Location of Coruscant Priority Fragments in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

  • Coruscant rooftops : From the meditation point on the rooftops, go up the climbing wall and then go down the stairs and cross the bridge with the glowing sign. The priority fragment will be found on a table at the end of this path .
  • Refurbishment location 4733 1 : On the slippery ground due to the rain, where you cannot climb, a priority fragment is hidden on the left side.
  • Renovation Site 4733 2 : At the point where you land in a large area full of Stormtroopers next to a blue and yellow speeder, go up the stairs closest to the yellow speeder which will take you to a space with a bar that you can use to access a dead end where you will find a certain priority .
  • Refurbishment Location 4733 3 : In the area where Bode comments on the use of a crane, you'll discover a set of stairs that you can go down before reaching a narrow room where you'll be caught by a security droid and thrown into the area where you get Ascension Cable . You will find a priority fragment hidden under the stairs. .
  • Hangar 2046-C : Using a rope slide to pass through three large red floating structures, you'll notice a priority shard to the left when you land .

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Koboh Priority Fragment Locations

  • Crash site in the gorge : Start from the meditation site, move towards the zip line pole and take the path to the right along the wall. Follow the path until you reach a cave where you will find an opening to the left as soon as you enter. The fragment is found at the end of that passage, up another wall .
  • Pylon Inn : There is a large fragment inside the toilet tank.
  • ruined dam 1 : From the meditation point by the ruined dam, head towards the large creature in the distance, then take a left into a passage of rolling mines. Follow it until you get to the point where you have to use the climbing cable to go up. When you're on the top level, look for an exit to the left . This takes you to the surviving Jedi character Vashtan Wolfe. The priority fragment is found in the extinguished fire .
  • dam ruin 2 : From the meditation point to the abandoned dam, continue towards the tar puddles, but take the path to the right that leads to a wall. The priority fragment is on the other side, near the lights .
  • southern range : Start from the meditation point in the southern range, follow the path up and then down again to an open area with a waterfall. Use the vines to the left of the waterfall to climb up, where you'll find a Priority Shard in a nest with some eggs. .
  • trickster river : Enter the building right next to the riverbed monitoring meditation point and jump over the wall through the elevator shaft. Then go up the web to reach the droids' base at the top. Eliminate the droids and you will find the fragment in a white box , but be careful, one of the doors faces outwards.
  • Wilderness Wasteland 1 : Starting from the meditation point of the Wilderness Wasteland, go down to the lower waterfall, there you will find the fragment behind the waterfall.

  • Wilderness Wasteland 2 : To find this shard, exit Ramber's Reach across the broken yellow bridge until you see several puddles to your left. With them there will be a cave that you can reach by jumping from a nekko or from the side ramp . Enter the cave, jump to the top level and use the vines to climb up to the roof, then jump to the opposite wall. Climb the vines there and swing at the top to see a platform behind you where the fragment is located .
  • river watcher : When you manage to cross the river where the white towers are (you have to defeat Bilemaw in the waterfall), you will find a priority fragment on a rock formation covered with vegetation next to a pillar, right where you climb.
  • Basalt Crack : While going through the white towers of the River Watch towards the Basalt Rift, you will discover a priority fragment in a cave that you can access by destroying the pillars .
  • woodland : When you exit the rehab center, you'll see an incomplete bridge near a sleeping Bilemaw. The priority fragment is at the end of the bridge. .
  • Nekko Puddles : From Nekko's Pools, keep your eyes on the waterfall to the left of the water slide. Go through in search of another waterfall and there you will find a priority fragment .
  • Previous Settlement 1 : Look for a large stone platform on a pillar surrounded by rusty metal. From there you should be able to see a hidden ledge in the wall, you need a Nekko to jump to it. You will find a fragment up there .
  • Previous settlement 2 : From the meditation point, jump to the ledge just before the suspension bridge and then go up to the buildings above . It is a fragment in an open building full of rubble .
  • ascent to the mountain : From the meditation point, go down the path and use the ledge behind the waterfall to jump to another ledge where there is a priority fragment .
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