How to get Hogwarts heritage pages

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How to get Hogwarts heritage pages

How to get Hogwarts Legacy Flying Pages. Want to capture the flying pages of Hogwarts' legacy? It is likely that you have seen them slowly flapping their paper wings in the various rooms of Hogwarts. Although you shouldn't confuse them with hidden pages next to reference points or empty boxes.
When you get the Hogwarts legacy flying pages , along with the Revelio pages, you will gain little experience, but they help complete the challenges in Hogwarts Legacy. It is recommended to read these Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages when you find them, as leveling up will give you more health. So how do you catch them? Chances are you've seen them early in the open world game and tried to use the basic projectile formula to take them down. However, this only hits them and they remain in the air. You must learn one of the Hogwarts Legacy spells from your teachers before you can reach them.

Guide to getting flying pages and increasing your collection

To get the Hogwarts legacy flying pages , you should use the Accio spell , which is learned in the first Charms class with Professor Ronen. While these pages don't provide much experience, it's useful to know that Accio can be used to pull objects out of the air towards you, helping you reach objects that are at a distance. There are many flying pages in Hogwarts Castle and in Galtsmeade to collect , and while 80 experience may seem low at first, you'll be able to level up quickly if you focus on finding these pages.

Hogwarts Heritage can be confusing at first, so it's recommended to consult a map guide to get your bearings. In addition, it is useful to learn how the Floo Flame fast travel system to be able to move quickly through the magical world. Finally, if you're looking for something different, our list of cheats and guides for games offers plenty of other adventures, both magical and non-magical, for you to try.

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