How to Get Hogwarts Ghosts in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to Get Hogwarts Ghosts in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Hogwarts Ghosts in Hogwarts Legacy. If you're trying to complete Professor Onai's Hogwarts Legacy side quest to unlock the Decendo spell, you're most likely wondering how to find the requested ingredient: Troll Bogeys.

Fortunately , Troll Bogeys are fairly easy to obtain , as you can choose to buy them at a fairly low price or look for them in the southern parts of The Highlands. Here's everything you need to know about how to find Trolls and buy Troll Bogeys in Hogsmeade.

Where can you buy goblins

In case you have a few extra gallons, you can get Troll Bogeys at J. Pippin's Potions located in the northwest of Hogsmeade. These ingredients can be found in the Ingredients section of the store and cost 100 gallons each.

How to find goblins

If you don't have enough gallons , your best bet would be to look for trolls and rec

select the troll bogeys. You can find the trolls marked on the map with a cave-like icon in areas such as Feldcroft, Coast Cavern, Marunweem Lake, among others.

If you are looking for recommendations, we suggest looking for trolls in the northern Fledcroft or Coastal Cavern regions as they are relatively easier to find. Once you've collected the Troll Bogeys, return to Professor Onai to unlock the Decendo.

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