How to get Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to get Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI

How to get Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI . Chocobos, faithful creatures, have been a constant in all Final Fantasy titles, and Final Fantasy 16 is no exception. These loyal beasts have been used for fighting, breeding and racing, and have even starred in their own spin-off games. In Final Fantasy 16 , these devoted companions can be used for transportation, making it easy for Clive and his companions to navigate the map faster than usual. This guide will tell you how to get Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI .

How to get Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI

The chocobo that you can ride in Final Fantasy 16 is an optional find associated with a side quest , which you might miss if you don't know exactly where to look for it. Chocobo, known as Whiteheart or Ambrosia, provides a way to quickly traverse terrain without resorting to fast travel, making it especially useful for quickly surveying areas you haven't previously explored, and makes an excellent complement to the fast travel feature in Final Fantasy 16 . In the following parts, we will cover how to unlock the Chocobo in FFXVI and how you can later summon it to your advantage.

How to unlock Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI

Although in FFXVI you will come across many Chocobos both wild and tame, the only one you can use as a mount is Whiteheart, also called Ambrosia. To access this unique bird, you must perform the following actions :

It's a fairly simple task, the challenging part is realizing that this seemingly harmless and underrated mission is connected to something as special and beneficial as a transport. There's also a larger poacher at the end that acts as a mini-boss, but it should be controllable, especially considering how slow and easy to avoid they are. If you're having trouble, try to get some potions or upgrades at Martha's Rest or Hideaway.

You can also encounter Ahriman in this area, in one of the first hunting areas in Final Fantasy 16. .

How to Summon and Ride a Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI

After completing this task, you will have the ability to summon Ambrosia, the Chocobo, at any time by holding down R3 . This will make him come closer to you so you can mount his saddle with the X key. Remember, you can't always invoke it, it has to be in open spaces and in the middle of nature .

Although Ambrosia is a great travel companion, it doesn't play a critical role in matchups. While mounted, you can perform a minimum attack with the square button , which is effective at pushing aside smaller opponents. But when the fight begins properly, Clive will fall down and Ambrosia will disappear. While that may seem annoying, this also means that Ambrosia cannot be removed, thus simplifying the battlescape.

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