How to get and upgrade brooms in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to get and upgrade brooms in Hogwarts Legacy

To explore the magical world of Hogwarts' legacy more effectively, what better way than to fly on an enchanted broom ? But before you can enjoy this means of transport, you have to fulfill several prerequisites.

This guide will give you all the information you need on how to get a broom , including what quests to complete, where to buy one, and how to upgrade it.

How to get and use a broom

To get a broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you must progress through the main story until you complete the quest. "Jackdaw's Rest" , where you will find "Tap to Reveal" under Hogwarts. After completing that mission, you must attend your first flight lesson on the main lawn. Once there, complete the two tasks I give you. Madam Kagawa and then he walks around the castle with everett clopton .

To get a broom in Hogwarts' heritage, you must complete the Jackdaw's Rest quest and participate in the first-class flight on Hogwarts' main lawn. Then you must travel to Hogsmeade and go to the Spintwitches Sporting Needs store , which will be closed before you participate in the flying class.

Talk to Albie Weekes in the shop and explore your selection of available brooms, each costing 600 gold. If you don't have enough gold, it is possible to sell unwanted equipment or open the eye chest in Gladrag's Wizardwear using the Disillusionment Charm to get 500 gold easily.

To use the broom, it is important that you check that you are not in a No Fly Zone , which is indicated by the symbol that appears to the right of your minimap.

To equip the broom, hold the LB/L1/Tab button (depending on console or PC) and then press the B/○/3 button. When flying, the movement controls will be the same as the basic movement controls, and if you need a temporary speed boost, press the LT/L2 button/left mouse click.

How to upgrade your diet

From the time you buy your first broom , the side mission will be unlocked "Flight Test" by Mr. Weekes. He will advise you to meet Iselda Reyes at the Quidditch pitch. After talking to her, he will challenge you to a race against time, where you have to fly through the rings, starting at the quidditch field and ending in a bay near Hogsmeade station.

Although it is not mandatory to go through the 22 hoops , each one you lose will be penalized by 3 seconds in your final time. The golden bubbles located between the hoops will give you enough of a speed boost that you won't need to use your manual boost. Popping a bubble will charge up your hand boost, so it's important to get the most out of it.

Once you beat Iselda's time trial record, return to Mr. Weekes to complete the quest. After a while, you will receive a message via Owl Post letting you know that the cost update is ready.

Talk to him again and you will have the option to buy the first upgrade for 1000 gold . To unlock subsequent updates, you must complete two additional Iselda time trials. To start these quests, talk to Mr. Weekes. The second and final cost upgrade is unlocked after completing both time trials.

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