How to Find Warzone 2 DMZ Stronghold Key

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How to Find Warzone 2 DMZ Stronghold Key

To retreat from your clear enemy AI bases full of useful loot and gear in the Warzone 2 DMZ, you need to get a DMZ Fortress Key . This new mode is complex and different from Battle Royale as you have to acquire gear and pull it off to survive.

We recommend finding a Stronghold Key to get a head start on this mode and familiarize yourself with the game in general.

How to find a key in Warzone 2 DMZ Stronghold

In short, there are different ways to get a DMZ Fortress key in Warzone 2 , but a common way is to get them while killing enemy soldiers and taking out the enemy AI . However, this method is inconsistent as the keys drop randomly, so it is recommended to look for an alternative to give yourself a better chance of getting a DMZ Fortress key.

An alternative way to get a DMZ Stronghold key in Warzone 2 is to buy it at buy stations for $5000. This method is more consistent than relying on a key to randomly drop from an AI enemy. But remember that Stronghold keys are not always available at purchase stations.

Knowing what are the best weapons in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 will help you make the best decisions.

To get a DMZ Fortress key in Warzone 2, it is recommended to play with friends and try to take out the AI and loot the buildings. You also have to look out for safes and cash registers to get money , as well as collect everything you can, such as batteries and comics. It is important to replace lower cost items with higher value items to maximize inventory space as you move towards the purchase station.

Basically, to get a DMZ Fortress key in Warzone 2, after playing with friends and looting the buildings, it is important to search for the nearest fortress on the map (indicated by a castle icon) and the nearest buy station. Collect the necessary money, buy the Stronghold key at the shopping station and you are ready for the battle in the fortress.

When you get a DMZ Fortress key in Warzone 2, it's important to note that only one key is needed to open a Stronghold. There is no need to purchase more than one, unlike other Stronghold keys (such as the Police Academy Key) which require multiple keys to access all areas. A single key is enough to access all parts of a DMZ fortress.

In short, one problem with getting a DMZ Fortress key in Warzone 2 is that Stronghold keys cannot be extracted. Therefore , you must collect one every time you enter Al Mazrah.

This complicates the process a bit, but once you get used to collecting money, visiting a purchase station and selling your items, it will be a natural process. It is similar to the process of earning a Loadout in the first Warzone game.

How to Infiltrate a Fortress and Collect White Lotus Intel

When you acquire a DMZ Fortress Key in Warzone 2 , you visit a nearby fortress and prepare for a difficult battle against AI enemies . It is important to come prepared with plenty of armor, stuns or flashes, and enough ammunition to survive the encounter.

The sections inside the Warzone 2 DMZ Strongholds are difficult due to the fact that the enemies often have heavy armor, rebel shields and powerful weapons. As you clear each room, keep an eye out for equipment and the White Lotus Intel item, which is related to one of the DMZ missions.

El White Lotus Intel can drop from an enemy randomly, so it's important to go through each body as you go. For best results, it is recommended to search each enemy's backpack immediately after taking them out, when it is safe to do so.

When clearing a Warzone 2 DMZ fortress, it's important to note that AI enemies can keep coming in from the outside, so keep an eye on the doors you entered through.

It is recommended to be alert and avoid being attacked from behind. Once the Stronghold is ready, collect the White Lotus Intel before heading to the Exfil point. You also have to watch out for other players and AI enemies that might get in your way.

If an Exfil zone seems too dangerous, it is advisable to choose another less crowded place to extract with White Lotus Intel and avoid losing all your gear.

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