How to find the Cursed Burial Treasure in Hogwarts' Legacy

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How to find the Cursed Burial Treasure in Hogwarts' Legacy

Exploring the Highlands in search of Hogwarts' legacy, cursed burial treasure is one of the main missions in this exciting game. By solving the puzzle behind the clock, you can unlock part of the Treasure Seeker outfit, allowing you to play as a real magical treasure seeker.

To perform this quest, you must have the level 1 Alohomora spell and the Flipendo spell. In addition, it is recommended that you are in a high experience level , since you will have to face the head of the dark wizards, Ailsa Travers, and a large number of Inferni . If you're up for the challenge, here's how to get the Cursed Tomb Treasure using the Mystery Map Fragment.

Where to find the mystery map fragment

To find the cursed treasure in the tomb, you need to find the search marker in the southern area of the map, near the Manor Cape. To unlock the chest, you must find a way into the basement of a dilapidated mansion near the West Manor Cape Floo Flame. Note that although you can go through the mansion, you need the level three Alohomora spell to open the basement door.

Instead, you can go to a small mausoleum located on the hill , straight up the cliff from the fast travel point. There you will find a statue with a flashlight at the bottom. Light the torch and the statue will spin to reveal a secret entrance. When you enter, you will find yourself in a basement full of Inferni and the dark sorceress Ailsa Travers. Defeat all your enemies and unlock the chest in the room you entered to get the Mystery Map Fragment.

How to get the Cursed Tomb Treasure

If you want to find the Cursed Tomb Treasure , follow the Mystery Map Fragment to the Tomb of Betrayal dungeon, located just below the southern entrance to the map, through the Coastal Cavern . To access it, simply fly through the waterfall and go through the vertical rocks to unlock the Grave Floo Flame of the Betrayal

To get to the end of the Tomb of Betrayal dungeon and find the Cursed Tomb Treasure, you must use the Lumos spell to collect moths that will help you open doors and progress. In addition, you have to move boxes, burn cobwebs and fight Inferni and spiders, just like in other dungeons. These actions are quite intuitive and self-explanatory.

The hardest part is in the last camera , where you'll see a grid of nine stone tiles in the middle of the room, similar to the one shown on the map. Once you've defeated Inferni, use the Flipendo spell to flip the pieces and reveal their symbols that match the pattern shown on the map . This task may require some patience and skill, but it shouldn't be impossible if you focus on the process.

Once inside the chamber, go right to arrange the square tiles. Then flip the lower left tile, the lower right tile, and the top middle tile. You'll know you've done it right because the arrows will point away from you. At that point, the central tile will open, revealing a treasure chest containing your hard-earned treasure hunter outfit. !! Congratulations!!

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