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How to find rococo in the Hogwarts heritage

How to find rococo in the Hogwarts heritage. He is a magical creature from Hogwarts' heritage known for his great cunning and ability to hide. in the side quest "Rescuing Rococo" you must find the lost pet of a merchant named Niffler . To achieve this, you must solve a series of complex puzzles in the ruins protected by Ashwinder.

Here you will find everything you need to know to find and save Rococo . If you are looking for a complete guide to the side quest, including solutions to all puzzles in Henrietta's Hideaway, check out this website.

how to find rococo

To start the quest "Rescuing Rococo" you need to go to the village of Bainburgh and talk to Agner Coffey, the only merchant there. She will inform you that Rococo has been lost near Henrietta's Hideaway, an abandoned castle filled with traps meant to keep thieves and raiders away from hidden treasures.

Henrietta's Hideaway is located at the southern end of the Manor Cape region. The castle is heavily guarded by a large group of Ashwinders led by the infamous enemy Dustan Trinity. If you want to avoid a direct confrontation, you can use the disillusion spell to blend in and slide towards the ladder leading to the entrance to the hideout beneath the castle.

The first puzzle in the mission involves l Start Confringo or Fire on one of the statue's bowls to get the second cube.

Next, you need to use W ingardium Leviosa to place it on the corresponding plinth. Once both cubes are in place, cast a fire-based spell on the bowl with the fire symbol and Glacius on the bowl with the ice symbol. This should reveal the door and allow you to continue with the mission.

Going through the door, you'll find an atrium filled with Ashwinders. If you prefer to avoid a fight, you can use Disillusion to go unnoticed and avoid a fight.

It is important that you use Revelio to detect all enemies and pick up items in the area, regardless of your previous choice. Furthermore, this spell will also allow you to discover a trail of coins that will lead you to a ladder to the left of the central statue. From the top of the stairs, turn right and follow the coin trail through the balcony.

Before long, you'll come across an enchanted trap on the floor that will teleport you if you step on it.

To overcome it, there are several options, option 1 is the most effective:

  • 1 Option: use Momentum Arrest to prevent the floor trap from triggering.
  • 2 Option: pull an enemy into the trap and use Accio or Depulso to pull or push them into the trap. With the enemy teleported, the trap will not trigger again if you are fast enough to cross.
  • 3 Option: use Wingardium Leviosa to place an object, such as the burner, on top of the trap before quickly crossing.

Once you've passed through the trap floor, you'll come to a new area teeming with more Ashwinders. Before proceeding further into the hideout, you must defeat all the enemies and solve a similar block puzzle to reveal the hidden door.

The first cube is located on the balcony where the two Ashwinder scouts attacked you earlier ; once obtained, place it on the plinth to the left. On the other hand, to get the next cube, you need to search a hidden chamber that is just in front of where the previous cube was, under the stairs.

After placing the cubes on their corresponding sockets, cast the Levioso spell into the left bucket and a fire spell into the right bucket. This will open the door that takes you to the treasure room, where you can find Rococo exploring the room for treasures.

Before rescuing Rococo with your Nab bag, use one of these three spells to hold it in place: Levioso, Moment of arrest, or Glacio. Once you've managed to do that, you'll be able to return to Agner and complete the quest to get the Niffler Fur Lined Hat.

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