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How to find caches in GTA online

The GTA Online G-caches are a new daily delivery of activities in GTA Online, which contain a combination of cash, ammo and snacks hidden by Lamar's old friend Gerard in Los Santos and Blaine County. These were added along with GTA Online stash houses to provide additional daily activity. Fortunately, unlike other collectibles, the general location of these caches is always shown on the map , meaning you don't have to look elsewhere first. However, there are still some searches left when you get to the specified area. Here's how to find G-caches in GTA Online and how to claim cash and snack rewards.

What are caches in gta online?

The caches in GTA Online are a series of collectibles that players can find all over the game world . Each cache contains a variable amount of money and experience points (RP) that are added to your account when you find it. There is also an achievement that can be unlocked by finding all the caches in the game.

The caches are shown on the game map as a series of red and white dots, and there are a total of 100 caches in the entire game world . Some of them are very easy to find, while others are hidden in more difficult to reach places and may require special skills or the use of specific vehicles to reach them.

All in all, cache hunting is a fun way to explore the world of GTA Online and earn some extra rewards in the process.

Where are the G caches in GTA Online?

GTA Online G caches can appear in all 15 possible locations , which you can identify on the map through the icon of a purple box with a question mark. It's important to note that these caches will appear in different locations for each player , and they may even switch parts if you switch sessions without picking them up. When you get close to the designated area, the marker will change to a gray circle on the map, indicating the region where you should search to find your reward.

To find the G-caches in GTA Online, it is essential to go and search in the designated area , scanning the edges so as not to miss any points. Listen for a beep that will indicate you are approaching one of the G-caches, although this may not be useful in noisy locations. If so, look for a wooden crate with a couple of red straps around it, as that is also a sign of finding the G-caches.

After finding G's cache in GTA Online, follow the instructions to collect it and receive cash, ammo and snack rewards. Please note that only one G-cache can be collected per day in real-time, which means you have to wait until the game resets daily at 1 a.m. PT / 4 a.m. ET / 9 a.m. GMT for another cache to appear on your map.

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