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How to fast travel in Minecraft Legends

How to fast travel in Minecraft Legends. How can you scroll quickly in Minecraft Legends? This teleportation feature is important, as moving quickly around the map (especially at night) is essential to being prepared for a possible attack on the village or the growing threat of the Piglins. But what is the method of fast travel and where can you go? Next, we will detail how to fast travel in minecraft legends , and the potential costs associated with doing so.

The fast travel option in Minecraft Legends is activated early in the main campaign, after you destroy the first Piglin outpost. . When you do, you'll receive a notification, and from then on, players can quickly move to any Village or Wellhouse by selecting them on the map and pressing A/X.

To unlock more Fast Travel points, you need to build well houses in strategic locations. . Well houses are structures that players can create after the main story point where Piglin first attempts to create a permanent night. To build a well house you need Prismarine, which is a specific reward for destroying Piglin structures. , as well as larger outposts. Larger and tougher outposts give more Prismarine, although it will of course be more of a challenge.

How to fast travel in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, players can build a structure known as a Well House. after reaching a certain point in the main story, where the Piglins try to impose eternal night. This fast travel position is especially useful for those who want to quickly move between friendly areas, as they can select the Wellhouse on the map and teleport there instantly .

In Minecraft Legends, it is possible to build wells by selecting them from the structure building menu and collecting the following resources on a wide flat area:

  • Three x250
  • stone x250
  • iron x75
  • Prismarine x50

What is important to consider is the value of the Prismarine resource, as obtaining large amounts of this resource can be difficult and require a lot of effort. This does not mean that building a well house is not beneficial, but it is advisable not to build too many, especially at the beginning since it is better to invest Prismarine in improvements to improve your abilities.

How to farm Prismarine in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends , you can get Prismarine as a reward by destroying structures, units or buildings built by Piglins . However, you have to pick up the Prismarine yourself by walking around the area. Larger outposts offer a higher amount of Prismarine, but are harder to destroy. Although you will not receive any Prismarine rewards for defending villages, but you will receive the resource pipeline through the protected village chests.

  • Throughout the day, it's a good idea to look for smaller, simpler Piglin outposts.
  • Affordable mob golems should be built and structure destruction prioritized.
  • As you approach the outpost, it's important to focus on the buildings rather than the Piglins themselves.
  • It is advisable to destroy all structures, even those that do not appear to pose a threat.
  • Afterwards, it is advisable to quickly head to the next nearby outpost and repeat the process.

The key strategy is to collect quick and easy wins . Although larger outposts offer a higher reward, they take more time and effort to beat. It is much more efficient to attack several smaller outposts to collect rewards faster. It is also advisable to do this during the day as the Piglins will not be a threat and you will be able to continue your attack. .

Another important upgrade you should get as soon as possible in Minecraft Legends is the Allay save. . While not speeding up the farming process, this upgrade will allow you to carry a higher maximum amount of Prismarine (among other things).

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