How to defeat the armored mountain troll in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to defeat the armored mountain troll in Hogwarts Legacy

How to defeat the armored mountain troll. The El Armored Mountain Troll is a common enemy variant in Hogwarts' legacy, but becomes a sort of final boss in the first single mission scenario you encounter it in. On this page you will find a complete guide on how to defeat the Armored Mountain Troll during the Quest. "Welcome to Hogsmeade" at Hogwarts' Legacy.

How to beat the armored mountain troll

After exploring Hogsmeade and buying your gear from various shops, head to the town circle to meet Natsai/Sebastian. When you go there you will come across a couple of armored mountain trolls they are attacking the village. While the residents deal with one of them, you and your friend have to deal with the other.

When you start the fight and avoid the first attack of the trolls, you will notice that using your basic throws gives you hardly any damage , which will mean that it will take you a long time to defeat the troll. This is when you should learn to use Ancient Magic Throw, which allows you to pick up small objects from the environment and automatically throw them at the enemy.

To effectively defeat the mountain troll, it is important to use Ancient Magic Throw to throw objects from the environment at him. Also, when the troll becomes breathless or dazed after a charge (which you must avoid), make sure you take advantage of that moment to deal more damage while it's vulnerable and kneeling, as it will be more susceptible to any kind of attack until it rises again.

When you near the end of the troll's health bar, you unlock an Ancient Magic Finisher which, by pressing the corresponding button, will send an intense beam of magic at the enemy, which will end up completely destroying the troll.

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