How to defeat a boss in Fortnite

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How to defeat a boss in Fortnite

If you want to beat a boss in Fortnite , you should first know where to find it . Currently, there is only one NPC available in Battle Royale , the Eternal Champion, found in The Citadel. However, attacking without a proper plan will result in a quick elimination and you will have to wait for your next opportunity in the match.

It is important to know that bosses are tough and well armed , so you need a solid strategy if you want to succeed in the encounter. Here we give you steps to find and defeat a boss in Fortnite:

Where is the Fortnite boss location?

If you're looking for the current boss in Fortnite, head to The Citadel, a prominent location on the map located in the northwest of the island. There you'll find the Eternal Champion hanging around the area , and it's the boss you need to defeat to complete the Fortnite Geralt missions and unlock the Warlock weapons.

La Citadel is a wide location in Fortnite , so knowing the specific location of the boss is important. To find the Eternal Master, you must go to the Great Hall at the top of the castle. There are several routes you can take to get there.

One way is to enter from the south through the large opening at the end of the bridge and stairs, following the corridor to the throne room . From here you can take any of the side exits. Head up the stairs and you'll find one of the Fortnite Oathbound chests to steal supplies before continuing up onto the roof. Head straight from here and you'll see two doors, each leading to the main hall where the Eternal Champion is ready to attack you on sight.

There are other ways to get to the boss in the Citadel than entering through the main building. Can land on the roof from the battle bus or go up one of the zip lines on the south side to bypass the main path.

Whichever route you choose, it's important that you equip powerful weapons and keep your shields full before facing the Eternal Champion . This boss in Fortnite is tough and well-armed, so you'll need some decent firepower to succeed in the fight. Make sure you are prepared before you get started.

How to defeat a boss in Fortnite

To withdraw from beating a boss in Fortnite, you need to deplete his health and shields . However, this is no easy feat when it comes to the Eternal Champion. If you get too close, the boss will attack you with the Shockwave Hammer, dealing heavy damage. For this reason it is important to keep some distance and try to wear down your health and shields from a distance.

An effective strategy is to lure the boss out or destroy one of the side walls of the Great Hall to give yourself more room to shoot. The boss will alternate between Shockwave Hammer and his ranged Ex-Caliber, and is much less accurate with the latter. Make sure you have sufficient firepower and stock up on weapons and shields before the fight.

To beat a boss in Fortnite, you need to deplete their shields and health. The eternal champion is a formidable opponent, so it is important to be prepared for the fight . If you get too close to him, he'll attack you and attack you with his shockwave hammer, so it's important to keep your distance.

Aim for the head and use explosive weapons to wear out the boss , while moving to avoid their attacks. Remember that they only appear once per game, so if someone else has already defeated the boss, he won't be available to you. It's easy to tell if someone has beaten the boss, as the area will be full of destruction.

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