How to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

If you change your mind about your bright pink hair appearance in Hogwarts Legacy , you can change your appearance . After unlocking Hogsmeade, Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium is your only option for cosmetic changes, whether it's to update your look for the school year or just see how your witch or wizard would look with a buzz cut.

Where can I change my appearance in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you want to get new clothes or change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy , you have to complete the first quests until you get to the "Welcome to Hogsmeade" quest. There you will choose a classmate to accompany you to the village of Hogsmeade (we recommend choosing Sebastian Sallow from Slytherin), where you will have a chance to explore before collecting school supplies.

El Tress Emporium by Madam Snelling, it is near the control surfaces in North Hogsmeade and your shop is identified on the map with a scissor icon. Before you finish buying spells, seeds and potions, be sure to visit her, as you will soon be faced with a battle with an ogre after meeting your friend in the hogsmeade square . This is one of the first and most challenging battle sequences in Hogwarts Legacy, so it's best to be prepared with Wiggenwald Potion.

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