How to change the appearance of the Hogwarts Legacy team

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How to change the appearance of the Hogwarts Legacy team

How to change the look of your old Hogwarts team. Hogwarts Legacy has a wealth of gear, from ties, capes and cloaks to outfits and facepieces. But if you want to stick to a specific look, mixing and matching gear for the best stats won't always result in the best look.

Fortunately, Legacy at Hogwarts uses a transfiguration system that allows you to activate cosmetic overrides for all types of equipment . This guide will explain everything you need to know about how to use the transmogrification system to change the appearance of your team in Hogwarts' Legacy.

How to change gear appearance using transmogs

To subtract the appearance of your team from your change , you must first equip the corresponding item. Once equipped, hover over the item slot and select the "Change Appearance" option. This opens the Appearance menu, which allows you to assign a different image to the equipment you own. In this menu you will find two different sections: Collections and Other . Collections contain unique skins that you unlock by completing challenges and will appear in the Skins section of the Change Skin menu. There are a total of 88 appearances to unlock by completing challenges and missions.

The La Other section includes items that are equipment you found by searching chests. Please note that gear transmogs are purely cosmetic and will not affect your character's gear stats.

After changing the look of your gear, go back to the team menu and you'll notice that an eye symbol has appeared above the gear slot. This indicates that a transmogrification is currently active. However, remember that when you change gears, you also need to adjust the transmog override.

How to put on the hood?

If you're looking for a darker magical experience, you can also raise the hood by hovering over the Cloaks and Tunics track and pressing the corresponding button to raise and lower the hood .

An Xbox , would be the button Y Whereas in PlayStation , would be the button Triangle.

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