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How to change spells in Hogwarts' Legacy

How to change spells in Hogwarts' Legacy . If you're up against dozens of unique enemy types in Hogwarts Legacy, you'll understandably want to use the various spells you learn in the game. Below we provide you with important information on how to switch between spells and charms, as well as how to increase the number of spells you can rotate at once.

How to change spellings

Following the Hogwarts legacy , you are allowed to have a maximum of four active spells on the action bar , which you can see at the bottom right of the screen.

To change them, press the right D-Pad button on consoles or the T key on PC to access all of your unlocked spells.

Once there, hold down the RT/R2 button on Xbox and PS consoles and use the D-Pad buttons to select which set you want to edit. Then you move the cursor over the spell or amulet you want to equip and press the corresponding button in the slot to activate it on the action bar.

  • For users using a mouse and keyboard , the process of changing spells in the action bar is very simple, just drag and drop spells into the slot you want.
  • During combat , you can access the different sets of spells by scrolling up or down on the corresponding key (PC); or by holding the RT button and then pressing the corresponding D-pad on the controller.

How to increase spell sets

The spells are a crucial tool in Hogwarts Legacy: they will help you in battle, allow you to solve many puzzles and generally make your gaming experience easier. Even if you only have four active spells at a time, it can be limiting and boring. Fortunately , at level 5 you'll have the option to unlock two more sets of spells. However, before you can access this feature, you must complete the main quest "Jackdaw's Rest" to unlock the Talents tab.

In case you have completed the mission at a later level, the talent points you have earned up to that point will be unlocked automatically.

From complete Jackdaw's Rest , go to the talent tab and go to the main skill tree . There you have to invest your talent points in the skills "Spell Knowledge I" and "Spell Lore II" They are at level 5.

  • To opt out of unlocking the final set of spells , you must obtain "Spell Knowledge III" at level 16.

In total, you can have up to 16 spells equipped at the same time . It is recommended that you use different sets of spells for different purposes, such as one for your main attacks, one for support spells, and one specifically for Room of Requirement, among others.

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