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How to change PIN code on Huawei?

Knowing how to change the PIN code on Huawei can seem like a somewhat complicated task for less advanced users of technology. However, in this article we explain how to change the PIN code of a Huawei device in an easy way. If you have forgotten the PIN code of your Huawei phone or you are overwhelmed by the age of the market, here you will find step by step to change your PIN code on a Huawei.

1. What is the PIN code and why you should change it on Huawei

The PIN code is a way implemented by Huawei to give you greater security for your branded devices. This solution is a preventive measure to safely protect your device from abuse. It is always recommended to keep a PIN that is strong and sporadic to increase security.

Many users do not consider the importance of the Huawei PIN code, but it is extremely important to change it periodically. Keeping the default code can be an easy entry point for hackers to gain access to devices if physical security is not adequate. For that reason , it is advisable to set a custom code and change it regularly to prevent unauthorized access to your device.

Not changing your PIN regularly is also a security breach in case someone gets hold of your device to access your apps or social networks. Therefore , it is a smart strategy to change the PIN code from time to time . This will also give you great comfort when it comes to remembering the stored code. It is generally recommended to change the PIN code every three months to keep security as high as possible.

2. How to create and update your PIN code on a Huawei

1. Create a PIN code

To create a PIN code on a Huawei phone, you must first enable the screen lock option on the phone. You can do this by opening the security settings menu and selecting the "Enable screen lock" option. Once activated, it will ask you to create a new PIN. Choose something you remember, for example 4 digits, and confirm it by re-entering it.

2. Enable PIN screen lock

Once you've created your PIN, you'll need to activate the screen lock. This will protect your device from access if it is lost or stolen. You can find it in the security settings menu and select the "Lock screen with PIN" option. This will activate the lock above so you can be sure that no one opens the phone.

3. Change PIN

It is recommended to change your PIN from time to time to prevent others from knowing it. To change a PIN code on a Huawei phone, go back to the same security settings and select the "Change PIN" option. You will then be asked to enter the old PIN and then asked to create a new one. Do this and confirm by typing it again when prompted.

3. Understand the cryptographies used to change the PIN on Huawei

When it comes to changing the PIN of our Huawei, there are a few things to consider. First of all we need to look at the cryptography used on the phone being exploited, this can be found out through the legend that appears on the screen, usually the cryptography used is AES or MD5. Once the above is identified, you can proceed to change the PIN as follows:

The first thing you need to do is download the application called "Cryptography", this app will help us encrypt the PIN code we want to use. Once the app is downloaded, open it to generate the code. So far, all you need to do is follow the process that will guide us to encrypt the PIN code and finally the same generated code must be written in the section for changing the PIN code.

Once the code is written in the section, save the changes made and then press the encrypt button. We will perform this process with specified cryptography, that is, depending on whether we choose AES or MD5, we must use the same cryptogram to make the changes. Finally, when changing the PIN code, it must be activated in the corresponding section so that the results will be optimal, and then save the changes, in this way we will have the PIN code encrypted and implemented in Huawei.

4. How to take advantage of Huawei's security tools

Do you want to ensure the maximum level of security on your mobile device with Huawei? It is then important that you know how to get the most out of the various security tools that the company offers.

PasswordManager. Huawei offers a built-in application called "Password Manager". This tool will encrypt and store your passwords securely, freeing you from the need to remember each one. To enable it, go to settings, security and then password manager.

SMS folder lock. This integrated tool will protect your folders, photos, applications and important information from unauthorized access. It's easy to set up; Go to Settings, Security, then SMS folder lock, enable the feature and enter a password.

Fingerprint verification technology. This unique tool uses intelligent voice recognition technology to identify your fingerprints. Nebula 9.0 uses an advanced recognition mirror platform to ensure access security. Once enabled, simply press the lock button to restrict access to your device.

5. Solve common problems during Huawei PIN change

Change Huawei PIN
When the user decides to change the PIN code of his Huawei device, various problems may arise. Common problems include wrong user password, locked device, or no connection to a network. Next, the necessary steps to resolve these drawbacks are shown.

Change administrator password
If the user has forgotten their device administrator password, they must sign in and change it before they can change their PIN. To change the password, follow the procedure below: First, navigate to settings on the main screen of the device. Then go to the "Accounts and Passwords" section and select the "Admin" option to see the login screen. Select "I forgot my password" and reset the password using the email address associated with the device, username or strong name. Once the password is reset, go to the "Accounts and Passwords" section and press "Change Password". After this, it will be possible to change the PIN code of the device.

Unlock your Huawei device
If your Huawei device is locked, it must be unlocked before you can change the PIN. To unlock your device, follow the steps below: First of all, go to the main screen and tap on the “settings” button. Then find the "Security and Lock Screen" section. Select the "Lock Phone" option to unlock the screen. Once the device has been unlocked, you will be able to change the PIN from the "Accounts and Passwords" section.

6. What to do in case of a forgotten PIN code on Huawei

Find your prime meridian

If you have forgotten the PIN of your Huawei phone, the first step is to find out the meridian you have switched to. You can use one of these options to find out:

  • Go to the password recovery confirmation email you received when you started the password.
  • Check with the Huawei service center to find out what code was used to make the change.
  • Use password recovery software to discover the forgotten recovery code that will allow you to get back into your phone.

Reset your PIN from the DRParser tool

Once you have found your original meridian, use the DRParser tool to retrieve your PIN. DRParser allows you to reset your PIN with the following process:

If nothing works

If none of the above options work, you will need to order a new phone from Huawei. If this was your only Huawei device, you'll need to use the brand's recovery service to get a new password or request a replacement.

7. Considerations when changing the PIN code on Huawei

1. Avoid predictable PIN codes: When changing your Huawei password, it is important to choose a code that is not predictable. PIN codes that contain sequential numbers or letters or those related to your personal data, such as birthdays or phone numbers, are not recommended. It is also recommended to choose a PIN code with a length of at least 6 digits.

2. Use official procedures: It is important to follow the procedures established by the manufacturer to change the PIN code of your Huawei. These rules are specific by device model, as the way to change the password varies according to it. Therefore, before proceeding with the change, it is recommended to consult the official manuals to find out the specific procedure for your device.

3. Use security software to prevent errors: There are free applications such as Norton Security that guarantee extra protection when changing the PIN of your Huawei device. This tool can help you detect threats or dangers when you change your code, and provide help and advice for using the new password.

In conclusion, changing the PIN on Huawei is a simple and secure process. There are many ways to do this, from the user interface, the "Device Manager" app and the "Settings" app, so it's important that you know the correct process for your device model. A security PIN is an important element of your mobile device, so it is important that you change your PIN regularly to keep the information on your device safe.

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