How to cancel a mobile phone with IMEI

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How to cancel a mobile phone with IMEI

IMEI or Unique Equipment Identification Number is a number assigned to each smartphone or brand of mobile device. This number can be used to deregister a mobile phone if it is lost, stolen or bought on the black market. In this article we will explain how to deregister a phone with IMEI.

1. What is the IMEI number of the mobile phone?

IMEI is an acronym , which corresponds to International Mobile Equipment Identity , in Spanish International Mobile Equipment Identity . It is a unique 15-digit number assigned to every mobile phone or modem in the world. Thus, it delimits an identifier for the entity in question.

Each mobile device contains a chip that includes this randomly generated number. This number is essential for all users who want to maintain what is necessary to protect their cell phone, whether it is performing a block , pursuit or a request for a report to mobile equipment management companies.

It should be noted that this number is one of the basic elements for personal identification and control of a device, therefore it is advisable to keep the IMEI number in a safe place. For example, in the user manual or on the telephone box for your range when necessary.

2. How to check IMEI

It is very easy to verify your IMEI and it is very important that you do it to ensure the security of your device. The fastest solution is to use a free verification number to check if your device is safe or not. Here are some steps you need to go through to verify your IMEI:

  • The first thing is to find out the serial number of the device.
  • Use a free verification number to verify your device. (Here are a few.)
  • Once you get the identification number, enter it in the confirmation number to confirm your IMEI.

This will show you whether the device is safe or not. If your device is unsafe, you should report it immediately to avoid using this damaged or hacked device. If the device is secure, it means it is ready to use.

You can also check the ROM version of your device to confirm whether it is updated or not. This will help you keep your device safe and secure. The official website of the manufacturer can also tell you about the latest updates and patches for your device.

3. Procedure to cancel a mobile phone with IMEI

1. Find your mobile phone's IMEI

The first step in reporting a stolen phone is to find your IMEI . You can find that information:

  • On the bill you received with the phone.
  • Enter the first 6 digits of the make and model of the mobile phone on this page.
  • Go to the official website of the mobile phone brand.
  • Dial the code *#06# on the phone.

2. Report IMEI

Once the IMEI corresponding to the stolen mobile phone is found, the next thing to do is to report it. For this, two options are available:

  • Talk to the mobile company. This must be done to block the IMEI and prevent anyone from using it.
  • Send a complaint to the Ministry of Justice. This must be done to start a process against the thief.

3. World lock

Once reported, a global block can be requested. It can only be unlocked if the corresponding invoice of the phone linked to the IMEI is displayed. This makes the phone unusable in any country in the world.

4. Necessary documents to deregister a mobile phone

In order to deregister a mobile phone, it will be necessary to have some specific documents. First of all, you must have the identity document of the owner of the mobile phone. This documentation will serve to prove that you are the owner of the equipment and also to validate the personal data. Likewise, it will be important to have a purchase receipt for the equipment, since this document will legally show that the equipment was purchased and that it belongs to the owner.

In the same way, the presentation of the documents corresponding to the line must be assessed in order to be able to properly cancel it. These documents can vary, but the contracting party's own data, telephone number, some proof of payment and signature are usually required, along with identification confirming that they are the owner of the equipment. It is important to take into account that the same line or telephone number will be deactivated when the equipment is deregistered.

Once it has been checked that all necessary documents confirming the cancellation of the line, lines or telephone accounts are in place, the equipment must be delivered. The delivery consists of collecting all relevant documentation, the accessories, showing some invoices that record the payments and delivering the entire package to the operator. Once this is done, the team can be officially announced. Finally, when performing the process, it is important to keep the proof of cancellation or a delivery receipt.

5. Alternatives If your mobile phone has already been reported as stolen

1. Block the phone line . If your mobile phone has been reported stolen, the first step you need to take is to block the phone line. This prevents the thief from using your number or data plan to access the internet. To lock your line with your mobile operator, you need to contact them and ask them to lock your line and cancel your plan. This way evil will not continue to possess your mobile phone.

2. Use a cell phone pager . If you are lucky, even if the thief has already blocked the number or made it disappear, you may still have hope of finding the mobile phone. There are many applications on the Internet to find the mobile phone. These applications work in such a way that they connect to the device's GPS or to the Wi-Fi network to locate it. These applications help you find the thief and recover your mobile phone.

3. Try to restore your content . If you have no luck getting your phone back, there are still a few solutions you can try. With any luck, there are still some ways to get the content back. For example, there are backup applications, many of them free. These apps can retrieve any content, from messages to photos, from the cloud. This way you will always have a backup copy of all your files.

6. How to report a stolen mobile phone?

If your mobile phone has been lost or stolen, the first step is to report it to the police to request an investigation. In this article, we will explain each step to create a correct report.

Step 1 – Identify Make and Model First, get the exact make and model of your device. Otherwise, the police cannot consult the database.

Step 2 – Get your IMEI IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number that identifies your mobile phone. You can find it by scanning the reference, looking for it in the operating system settings or looking at the phone's box.

Step 3 – Process the complaint Next, you should go to the nearest police station to start the complaint. Request a certification for the IMEI provided by the police to qualify it as a report of a stolen mobile phone. Do not hesitate to tell them everything related to the crime you witnessed.

7. Advantages of using the IMEI number to cancel the subscription to a mobile phone

Using the IMEI number to unsubscribe a mobile phone is an effective option to use when unsubscribing a mobile phone. This technique will certainly give the user peace of mind that their data is completely erased from the device. The cancellation with the IMEI number is a higher level of security for the user when he wants to get rid of the phone.

The first step to using the IMEI number to unsubscribe a mobile phone is to get the IMEI code. This can be done from the phone in the "Settings" option, where the user can find information about their IMEI number. Another obvious way to get the IMEI code is to look for it on the back of the phone's case.

Once the user has the IMEI number, they must approach a mobile operator and provide the code. This will disable your phone from your carrier and prevent anyone from using your last location. Remember that you must save the IMEI number when entering the deregistration information. If the mobile phone is stolen, the owner of the line will have proof of the lost phone.

The IMEI phone number is considered the ultimate identifier for mobile devices, and understanding how the opt-out process is performed is of utmost importance for those who want to keep sensitive data safe. We hope that this guide has served to help readers understand this process better and has simplified the process of removing the IMEI of their mobile phones safely and efficiently.

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