How to block a phone number on your mobile phone?

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How to block a phone number on your mobile phone?

In the world we live in today, technology gives us the perfect tool to control who and what contacts us. Although smartphones are generally extremely useful, they can also be used for negative purposes, such as cyberbullying. In these cases, many choose to block a given number so that they cannot contact you. Learning how to block a phone number on your cell phone is the best way to avoid any kind of inappropriate interaction. In this article, we will explain each of the steps to block a phone number on your mobile phone.

1. Why block a phone number?

For those people who face constant problems from unknown phone numbers, blocking that phone number is a quick, effective and easy solution.

Basic number blocking begins with the user's phone. Your mobile phone is the main tool for blocking an unknown number. Different operating systems like iOS and Android provide users with a number of different tools to block calls and messages. These tools include simple features to block and filter calls and messages.

Users can also use third-party apps to block unknown numbers. These applications provide better functionality than the system itself had. Thus, users can match spam call patterns, look up information about unknown numbers, block a number in general, and much more. These apps are quite easy to use and can be downloaded for free from the app store.

2. How to block a number on an Android device

Blocking a number on an Android device is simple and easy. The feature is offered by many Android phones and the steps to perform it are simple. Here are some of the basic steps you need to follow to block a number on an Android device:

  • Open the "Settings" application on your Android device.
  • Look for the "Security and privacy" section and go to the list of blocked numbers.
  • Click "Add or block number" to add the number you want to block.
  • Add the number you want to block in the field provided to enter it, press the "Add" button to block it.

Once this is done, the number will be blocked and all messages and calls from that number will be blocked and the device will not emit sound or vibrate. The sender will receive a message that the recipient is blocked, and will even be able to identify that the number is blocked.

There are also other ways to block a number on Android, such as the blocking action using the Messages app, or using the Calls app to block the number, depending on the Android version of the device. Finally, you can also block a number using your operator's app settings.

3. How to block a number on iOS

Blocking a number on iOS is a simple thing to do. The advantages of having a blocked number are many: you can avoid being disturbed by strangers, you feel safer and it protects you from illegitimate or threatening calls. These are the instructions to block a number on an iPhone.

1. Open the settings menu . Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to the "Telephony" section. Here you will find all the options related to your phone: messages, contacts, calls, etc. Once the section is selected, you will find the option to block numbers.

2. Find the number . Once inside the menu, select the option to block a specific number. There you can search your contacts or manually enter the number you want to block. The iOS system is quite intuitive, so the process of blocking the number will be quick and easy.

3. Confirm the selection . Once the number is selected, it will ask you to confirm the option. Before you block the number, you must confirm that you want to do this. Once verified, the number will be permanently blocked on your phone and you will no longer receive calls or messages from it.

4. What happens after blocking a number?

How do I know if the number is blocked? An easy way to find out that the number is blocked is to call. If the ringtone continues to ring continuously without anyone answering the call, it means that the number is blocked. Alternatively, you may receive a message that the number is temporarily disabled or restricted.

How will a blocked number act? A blocked number will not be able to call, send a text message or have a data connection. If the number is blocked through the messaging app, the number will also lose the ability to verify a messaging app via caller ID.

Deactivate a number block Deactivating a number block can be a different process depending on the messaging app you use. Some applications like WhatsApp offer the option to disable the lock from the menu. In the case of modern phones, there are options in the call menu, such as "Call barring", which allow you to temporarily disable the blocks. Some phones also offer the ability to reset the spam filter in case someone accidentally added a number to the list.

5. How to check if a number is blocked?

Knowing how to check if a number is blocked is important to avoid accidents. There are different ways to do this, but we describe two simple ways to perform the verification step by step.

  • Option 1: Using an Android application. Download an app like showcaller or similar, where you are allowed to look up a phone number to find out what state it is in.
  • Option 2: Using signals from your host. Some phone lines can show the status of certain numbers. For example, the same phone may reduce the signal when the numbers are blocked. You can confirm these signal changes by trying to dial the blocked number.

In addition to the steps listed, there are many websites and online tools that can help you check if a number is blocked; but the process varies by service provider. These tools allow you to appreciate the changes in the signal, as well as to compare with other numbers. It is necessary to consider the variables defined according to the service for a successful verification.

6. Recommendations and important considerations

Ensuring the security of personal data : It is important to ensure the security and privacy of users' personal data, especially when it comes to data collection via the web and mobile applications. This means ensuring the security of said data with adequate security and encryption measures, as well as having well-defined procedures for the recovery of deleted data.

Consider the impact of responses : Any action, strategy or proposal has a clear impact on users and the general public. For this reason, it is necessary to assess what the possible effects of the solution will be before making an implementation decision. This must be done carefully to ensure user satisfaction and compliance with regulations.

Ensuring compliance with legal obligations : Compliance with the law is fundamental to the health of the company. For this reason, it is necessary to verify which are the legal responsibilities of both the user and the company. This will ensure the success of the projects and the engagement of the users with the company.

7. Advantages and disadvantages of blocking a number on the phone


  • Blocking a number on your phone gives you the ability to block unwanted phone numbers, including both personal and business.
  • It's a great way to avoid being called frequently by someone you don't want to receive calls from.
  • By blocking the number, you avoid unwanted calls at inappropriate times.
  • In addition, this feature lets you know who is trying to call you without you answering.


  • Blocking of telephone numbers is not possible on some mobile phones.
  • It may be difficult or impossible to block numbers from international communication telephones.
  • Currently, blocking phone numbers results in a limited service that is not available to all users.
  • Users may need to contract some services from their providers in order to block phone numbers on their devices.


  • It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of blocking a phone number in order to determine whether or not this is the most appropriate option.
  • Blocking phone numbers is a safe and effective way to protect our privacy.
  • The limitations of this service mean that it is used infrequently and sometimes requires users to contract services from their providers.
  • In order to successfully block a phone number, it is necessary to be informed about the specific rules of each mobile provider.

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to block a phone number on your mobile phone. Now they are ready to take action to block unwanted numbers that threaten their peace of mind. When you come across other questions related to phone lock, remember that you can find the right help here. Thank you for reading!

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