How to beat Tiamat in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to beat Tiamat in Final Fantasy XVI

How to beat Tiamat in Final Fantasy XVI . If you thought Shiva's Dominant was a difficult matchup, you'll be relieved to know that Tiamat is much easier. He really only has a few skills in his repertoire, and most of them are very easy to avoid. In fact, aside from Enruin, you'll see most of his techniques from the start of the match. As always, you may want to take a defensive position at first until you get to know this boss's moves.

Tiamat is a confrontation in Final Fantasy 16 in which you will compete against your Wyvern leader , as he tries to end the life of the unprotected dominant of Shiva, during the Battle of Nysa Defile, in the main quest titled "A Chance Encounter".

Keep reading to learn how to beat Tiamat in Final Fantasy XVI to this pesky member of Los Bastardos. It's not a difficult fight, but Tiamat has some hidden tactics that you should be aware of.

How to beat Tiamat in Final Fantasy XVI

You will face many boss battles in this game, among them Tiamat will stand out. This meeting with Tiamat will happen during the mission called "A Chance Encounter". While Tiamat's defeat won't be particularly challenging, you should be prepared for the surprise tactics this boss can use.

Tiamat has made several appearances in several Final Fantasy games, usually as one of the final bosses. But in this edition, his presence is rather brief, despite the prominence he has received in advertising. You'll meet him in Anagnorisis , in the Republic of Dhalmekia, a place you can quickly access once it's unlocked. Remember to use your most powerful skills to defeat him in the shortest possible time.

How to defeat Tiamat in Final Fantasy XVI

At the beginning of the confrontation , Tiamat will urge Clive, also called Wyvern, to eliminate the woman, who is none other than Jill. Clive will resist . When Tiamat accuses you of being a traitor to the Holy Realm, battle will break out. If you plan to launch your attacks randomly, remember that Tiamat has the ability to parry, dodge and parry them, which can put you in a compromising situation. It's best to time your attacks precisely, dodge and wait for him to land the first blow. . As you get familiar with the attack patterns, you can use long range attacks.

Tiamat has the ability to dodge, block and perform a counterattack , therefore launching random attacks on it is not advisable. Instead, you must also take a defensive position, wait out his attacks and time Precision Dodge.

Use Eikon Phoenix after dodging to quickly approach and launch an attack . If you manage to knock him off balance or break his guard, release Flames of Rebirth (R1 and Square) in a row (R1 and Triangle) to do maximum damage.

If you find it difficult to get used to his movements, you can keep your distance and throw long attacks at him until you get used to his attack sequences.

Enruin is Tiamat's signature move where it hits you with a series of three devastating combos. Try not to get caught by this attack , as it leaves you defenseless and immobile until the performance of the ability ends.

Avoid trying to attack him during this time as it is highly likely that you will end up getting caught in his deadly array of combos. Remember that patience is essential and that you will have an adequate window of time to attack once this episode has passed.

An effective method to neutralize Enruin is to use a Precision Dodge right at the end of the third combo and launch a counter attack against him. .

When you defeat Tiamat, you will get the following rewards.

  • 94 XP
  • 104 skill points
  • 300 gil
  • Wirrita x 27
  • Meteorite x1
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