How to beat Shiva's Dominant in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to beat Shiva's Dominant in Final Fantasy XVI

How to beat Shiva's Dominant in Final Fantasy XVI . Shiva's Dominant is a showdown that takes place in Final Fantasy 16 where you will be forced to fight against the human representation of Shiva in the midst of Nysa Defile's competition during the main quest titled A Chance Encounter.

The eicons and their dominants are key elements in the plot of Final Fantasy 16 . Each of these powerful entities has a human counterpart who can channel the elemental power Eikon offers, and throughout the game's narrative, Clive will cross paths with each of them.

You will encounter one of these Dominants fairly early in the game. , just after completing the short trip back in time. Clive, along with his two team allies, aims to eliminate Shiva's Dominant, who hails from Ironblood. To achieve this, you must engage in combat with the dominant.

This page serves as a complete overview of this battle and on how to beat Shiva's Dominant in Final Fantasy XVI .

How to beat Shiva's Dominant in Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy 16 charts a new course for summoning in the series, introducing climactic showdowns between the ultimate entities of the Final Fantasy universe. In this game, the Eikons are under the command of special characters known as Dominants, who are used by their respective nations to provide energy or prevent resource conflicts. Since the game's first promo, Shiva the Ice Eikon has featured prominently , leading many to assume that this entity would play an important role in the plot of Final Fantasy 16. However, although Eikon's Dominant, Jill, is one of the most relevant characters in the game, paradoxically Shiva in Final Fantasy 16 does not get his chance to shine.

Final Fantasy 16 follows the protagonist, Clive Rosfield, through three different stages of his life. In all of them , Clive has the support of his best friend since childhood, Jill, the dominant of Eikon from the place of origin, Shiva. . Ultimately, Clive becomes the heir to an enigmatic Dark Eikon named Ifrit, whose powers he uses in his fight to free humanity from the Mothercrystals. Although Clive and Jill face many of the biggest challenges in Final Fantasy 16 together, Jill rarely decides to use Shiva's Eikon abilities, let alone Prime, the name given to the act of summoning the full power of an Eikon.

How to defeat Shiva's Dominant in Final Fantasy XVI

Fortunately, facing the Eikon Dominant turns out to be less of a challenge than dealing with the almighty Eikon, so this fight shouldn't cause too much trouble. When the match begins, you will find a number of weaker opponents around you. , with the Dominant at the opposite end of the battlefield. It's recommended that you take your time finishing off these smaller opponents first so they don't distract you later. Once you have eliminated them all, you can fully focus on the dominant and use yourself fully in the fight against it. .

She has a fairly simple set of moves to consider. :

  • He is able to advance towards you and swings his sword in a quick slash , which you can easily dodge if you anticipate them.
  • He can also back up and throw ice projectiles at you from a distance . Like his sword attacks, you can easily avoid them while watching for his clear signals before the attack.
  • Finally, can insert an area attack that freezes a small radius around her . When you see her start to charge this attack, dodge or move back to get out of the affected area.

Your tactic should be to keep attacking it with everything you've got. Go forward and attack her with your sword, remembering to dodge any counterattack she may throw at you. . When she starts her AoE, stand back and attack her with some spells, preferably an empowered spell.

When you get a chance to get close, use Fenix​​​​Shift and Rising Flame to deal some serious damage to him, then keep repeating these steps until his health is roughly halved.

When he reaches half his health, he will enter his second phase , which will evolve in the same way as the first, with the only difference being that it will be more aggressive and will add a new attack to the set:

  • She will unleash a rain of ice on certain places in the arena. . You will be able to predict the target locations by the icy clouds that arise in the area. Just move away from the area before the attack goes off to avoid taking damage. .

Keep attacking her, just like you did in the first phase, and make sure to keep dodging her attacks. Maximize the use of your Eikon abilities to deplete his health as quickly as possible .

By following this tactic, you should get at least two chances to stagger, where you can deal massive damage to him. Eventually she will go down without too much trouble.

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