How to beat Night Raven in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to beat Night Raven in Final Fantasy XVI

How to beat Night Raven in Final Fantasy XVI . In your first encounter with Benedikta in Greenwood, you will directly encounter one of her minions, Night Raven.

Night Raven serves as an introduction to a specific type of ninja-like opponents that players will encounter frequently throughout the game. It is advisable to pay special attention to his unique techniques and moves when you first meet him, as they provide useful information about this particular opponent model.

This article serves as a detailed guide on how to beat Night Raven in Final Fantasy XVI , covering all of his attacks and obtainable rewards.

How to beat Night Raven in Final Fantasy XVI

In the main quest called The Fanning Embers, you will face two bosses, with Fafnir being the first. Night Raven will be the second boss you will face in The Great Forest , although he will not fight alone. Fortunately , you are not helpless either, and you will have the support of Cid and Torgal, who will allow you to focus all your energy on the boss .

The main challenge with the Night Raven lies in its constant mobility, making it difficult to get a good angle to hit your attacks. . When the fight starts you'll be surrounded by other enemies, so it's a good idea to take them out first before turning your attention to the boss. Once they're out of play, you can target Night Raven, so you'll always be aware of his movements, even though he'll teleport across the battlefield often. It's worth mentioning that Night Raven is the first boss to contribute to the You're Not the Boss of Me trophy.

How to defeat Night Raven in Final Fantasy XVI

Night Raven stands out as one of the fastest opponents you'll face, and her use of magic is markedly different from Shiva's Dominant. You must act quickly, maintain constant vigilance and demonstrate the ability to push buttons effectively.

Night Raven is a relentless opponent, capable of throwing a variety of combos at you, as well as retaliatory attacks. As you get used to the pace of his movements, try to interrupt him as he will rely on melee attacks for most of the fight. Alternatively , you can accurately dodge their blows once you've memorized their aggression patterns .

Remember that you can also dodge and counter their moves , so time your attacks correctly.

When you see an electric greenish light coming from him, it's a sign that he's about to teleport and he'll reappear by your side to attack you with his sword.

In this situation , you need to have your dodge button ready so you can time your escape maneuver perfectly , thus preventing a hit to your health and giving you a chance to attack.

Right after disappearing with Futon, he will come back some distance away from you and rush towards you with the Assassinate ability. . Getting hit by this move will cost you almost half of your HP, so be ready to dodge it as soon as it appears on the battlefield again!

If you still find it difficult to master the dodge technique in the game, you can choose to equip the Ring of Timely Evasion, which will automatically dodge enemy attacks for you.

Electrojump is an electricity-based area of effect (AoE) technique. that it can be deployed across the battlefield; avoid green indicators on the ground , as that is where the lightning will strike.

Quick Reaction Events, which are interactive cutscenes, often take place during this competition; keep pressing the attack button (square) repeatedly to get past them. Winning the last of these events will defeat the Night Raven, thus ending the match.

The reward for defeating Night Raven is 99 experience points, 90 skill points, 1500 gil, a mark of power, a meteorite 30 years steel silk .

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