How to beat Gigas in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to beat Gigas in Final Fantasy XVI

How to beat Gigas in Final Fantasy XVI . The first main enemy you will encounter in FF16 is Gigas, in the main quest called "The Horrors of the Mists", when you find yourself fighting a group of Goblins. Being the first major enemy in the game, it will introduce you to some of the dynamics of the battle system, the acting, as well as an introductory or tutorial boss.

Gigas awaits you in the Old Village square in Stillwind during the quest "The Horrors of the Mists". Since you're still in the prologue and Gigas is your first main opponent, this matchup was designed to be simple so you can understand and challenge yourself against a real opponent.

Gigas is just another goblin, but impressive in size and with a big club to try and smash his head in. . Since this is your first enemy, this guide will help you figure out how to beat Gigas in Final Fantasy XVI .

How to beat Gigas in Final Fantasy XVI

With Final Fantasy 16, the long-running JRPG series delivers an exceptional new installment that players will undoubtedly appreciate for its mature story and more action-oriented battles as core elements of the game. Clive Rosfield's plot is full of conflict and the road is never easy when it is full of so many obstacles. .

So it's only natural that the revamped battle system is accompanied by a greater focus on more intense matches against more imposing opponents. Before things get too intense, it might be better to start off on the right foot, starting with the first big showdown against Gigas in Final Fantasy 16 .

How to defeat Gigas in Final Fantasy 16

Gigas' repertoire of moves and abilities is pretty basic. , since most fights threaten you with mace. His normal attacks are slow, giving you a chance to use a precise dodge, i.e. press the dodge button (R1) right before it attacks you .

A successful Precision Dodge allows you to perform a Precision counterattack by pressing the attack button (Square), where you can unleash a series of consecutive attacks.

It is also important to know which direction to dodge, as you will be swinging the mace in different directions.

  • First phase

It's important to remember that Gigas is a melee opponent, using his bulky mace to solve his problems. Here are the starting attacks you should watch out for :

  • vertical hammer : Wait a moment when I raise the mace before dodging to the side for a precise dodge and counter attack.
  • horizontal hammer : When Gigas lowers his mace and gets into position, back up or dodge behind him during the first hit to get some free hits.

Gigas will also charge into Clive if there is significant distance between them, so move to the side to avoid contact, and use Fire/Fira to deal distance damage .

As far as possible , players should use the Blessing of the Phoenix abilities to deal significant damage to Gigas, chaining together Shift combos to continuously wear down Gigas' will. When he's stunned, they can boost his offense to take advantage of the boosted damage.

  • Second step

After halving the boss's health, the boss will start to become even more violent . Along with his regular attacks, he will add the Great Turn move to his repertoire. This will be an extended punch sequence that will see him swing his club over and over as he approaches Clive. Players must avoid being cornered and keep moving to prevent damage to the protagonist. .

If players follow the strategies above, they will eventually take down Gigas and receive Strong Leather Bracers as a reward . They will also get 54 experience points and 45 skill points.

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