How to beat Garuda in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to beat Garuda in Final Fantasy XVI

How to beat Garuda in Final Fantasy XVI . Garuda depicts a showdown in Final Fantasy 16 where Benedikta, losing control, breaks loose after teaming up with Garuda. . Your task is to stop this suffering during the main mission called Awakening.

This article offers a detailed analysis of how to beat Garuda in Final Fantasy XVI , detailing all his moves and prizes.

How to beat Garuda in Final Fantasy XVI

While combat is essential in most JRPGs, perhaps Final Fantasy 16 will take it to an unprecedented level. Encountering monsters and units is common, but the presence of an Eikon turns the battle into a true David and Goliath battle for players. In these fights, every attack has a significant impact, so mastering the ability to fight is crucial.

With this in mind, any opponent, no matter how gigantic, can be defeated. With a little help , Clive Rosfield has the ability to outmaneuver the most formidable opponent and, if all goes well, emerge unscathed. . For those players willing to take on Garuda and gain more power, read on to discover the ideal course of action in Final Fantasy 16.

How to defeat Garuda in Final Fantasy XVI

In your first significant fight against an Eikon, be prepared to spend a lot of time, as the Garuda is a durable opponent. Advancing towards the storm's epicenter, heeds Cid's warnings of imminent threats. Make sure you have a good supply of healing potions and get psyched up for battle. .

With Garuda's iconic abilities now in Clive's repertoire, there are certain powers that will come in handy. . Both Bishop's Play and Piercing Attack are effective at dealing damage to this enemy, so get them if you get the chance.

Garuda follows in the hooded man's footsteps, pounces on Clive and starts the fight. He starts the fight by using the spectacular attack to deal it a first blow. In this narrow battlefield, Garuda will deploy direct attacks using its claws. He will attack either frontally or from the flank, so watch out for signals to move back or move to the side . Take advantage of Precise Dodges to minimize damage as much as possible.

The most effective strategy is to use Eikonic abilities, as these will lower willpower and cause Garuda to lose balance. Once the bar is cut in half, use Eikonic Power Death Embrace to unbalance the monster. . This moment of weakness gives Clive the opportunity to continue damaging the enemy, ideally until Garuda has only half his health left.

This will mark the beginning of the next stage of the fight, where Eikon unleashes his power with Wind Bolt. Players should be aware of eddies that occur in the arena, as they can damage and temporarily immobilize Clive. . Avoid these whirlpools and keep using powerful enchantments and spells to damage your opponent.

After unleashing a bolt of wind, Garuda returns to his contact attacks, but this time he will include unexpected whirlwinds, so be on your guard. He repeats this tactic and continues to use eiconic powers. As Garuda nears his end, the matchup will focus on more spectacular attacks and a direct matchup. Beating her will give you rewards like 100 XP, 100 Skill Points, 500 Gil and 55 Sharp Fangs. But don't think this is over.

Despite the odds, Clive eventually summons the power of Ifrit, allowing the players to experience its intense fiery power. . In Ifrit's form, players can use both close and ranged attacks, evasive maneuvers, and Eikonic Attack. By pressing the Circle button, Ifrit will move quickly, covering a large area in an instant, damaging any enemies in his way. .

In this phase, the fight becomes more direct. You should already be familiar with Garuda's attacks, so just dodge them and keep hitting her with powerful blows. At the end of a melee attack combo, Ifrit will deal Garuda a hard hit . If she tries to move away, she uses Eikonic Attack to get close to you and stay on the offensive. From a distance, she will throw gusts of wind or summon a trio of tornadoes; however, all of these traits are predictable and you can easily avoid them.

As the energy decreases, it will try to deploy the movement Skyfall. Press the Square button repeatedly to beat this cinematic showdown. Then he will be ready to unleash Aerial Blast again, just avoid him and keep moving. Progress, and when the game transitions to scenes, get ready for more fast-paced events! . You will encounter three cinema sequences and three more cinema crashes. Defeat them and Garuda will be defeated.

By properly defeating Eikon, players will be rewarded with 400 XP, 200 AP, 2500 Gil , plus a unique Wind Shard and other crafting components.

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