How to beat Eikon of fire in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to beat Eikon of fire in Final Fantasy XVI

How to beat Eikon of fire in Final Fantasy XVI . During the main mission Buried Memories , you will meet the fire chief Eikon, the second of the three main challenges you will face in this mission . This marks a significant turning point for Clive's character, as he will engage the third boss immediately afterwards, without any pause. It is important that you prepare for these successive boss encounters if you want to beat them on the first try.

Fire Eikon can be an annoying opponent, mainly because one of its attacks will force you to keep your distance, and it does this quite regularly. This means that an aggressive strategy focused on melee will not be very effective in this situation, so it is advisable to go for long-range abilities and magic at such times.

In this guide, we provide all the details how to beat Eikon of fire in Final Fantasy XVI , so feel free to dive below to get all the knowledge you need.

How to beat Eikon of fire in Final Fantasy XVI

After an exhausting and tumultuous journey through the depths of the Phoenix Gate ruins, Clive faces a very disturbing challenge in this final boss battle of Final Fantasy 16 . In fact, his opponent is himself, facing a mental duel caused by his presence in a place so deeply connected to a trauma 13 years ago.

What begins as a terrifying confrontation with the Eikont that Clive despises so much, quickly turns into a battle against his very being as he faces reality. It can be challenging battles, and perfectly symmetrical violence never provides a solution, so let's see how we can end this feud.

How to defeat Fire Eikon in Final Fantasy XVI

Most of the fight will involve targeting and attacking the fire Eikon. Direct and place the circle on the boss with the L stick and press the triangle button to throw fireballs at him .

The boss will constantly be moving, but luckily for you, Mira Assist should make it easier for you to move your cursor close to it, and it should automatically lock into position.

When you observe the Eikon of Fire approaching you and start building fire, it will rush towards you within seconds. Use Dodge (R1) at the right time to avoid this attack .

When you follow the Fire Eikon through the Apodytery room, it will topple some of the castle's pillars, causing debris to rush towards you.

Avoid these debris when they get close, as they will do a significant amount of damage if they hit you.

In case your health is at a low level, you can press the Circle button to use Flames of Rebirth to restore all life with Phoenix .

In the final stages of the confrontation, Eikon of Fire will use Damnation with the goal of demolishing the Apodytery room. Aim your attacks and repeatedly press the attack button to reduce life before the five second countdown expires. , thus preventing him from destroying the castle.

Your rewards for beating this boss, in addition to unlocking Limit Break, are as follows:

  • Experience 450
  • Skill Points 180
  • 3,200 gil
  • Loot Fire Shard x1, Magic Ash x80
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