How to beat Dark Clive in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to beat Dark Clive in Final Fantasy XVI

How to beat Dark Clive in Final Fantasy XVI . Dark Clive is a confrontation in Final Fantasy 16 that occurs during the main quest "Buried Memories". Right after defeating Dark Ifrit, you are challenged by a shadowy version of yourself. , a reflection of the resentment you feel towards yourself and which you refuse to admit.

In this article you will find some useful tips and strategies that you can consult if you want to know how to beat dark clive in final fantasy xvi .

How to beat Dark Clive in Final Fantasy XVI

Dark Clive is a central antagonist in Final Fantasy 16 who occurs during the quest "Buried Memories". Crucial to the plot of Final Fantasy XVI, this confrontation brings Clive face to face with a copy of himself capable of unleashing a series of deadly attacks.

After the scene where Jill and Torgal are trapped in temporary paralysis, Clive encounters the enigmatic hooded figure from the Night of the Flames. After defeating the dark Ifrit in Clive's skin, the narrative throws us back into the events of the Night of the Flame, revealing more details about the mystery. , before Clive is drawn into intense battle against his most feared opponent: his own reflection.

You will face several powerful opponents in the action of Final Fantasy XVI, and Dark Clive represents the second phase of a two-phase confrontation during the mission "Buried Memories". This fight is definitely more demanding than the duel against Infernal Eikon , so get ready for a significant challenge.

How to defeat Dark Clive in Final Fantasy XVI

In FF16, Dark Clive is a level 20 opponent and can provide a challenge at this stage of the game. It is recommended that Clive has advanced beyond level 20 and has the most formidable weapon you can get. Increase your healing reserves to max out potions and potions of resistant skin. The fight is a one-on-one duel, so don't expect help from Torgal this time. .

Dark Clive in Final Fantasy XVI has a large arsenal of techniques. He starts the match by charging at the players with a piercing charge. Avoid this charge to gain distance and attack him with a simple four-hit combo . Don't overdo your moves, as Dark Clive's attacks are very powerful.

In Final Fantasy 16, Dark Clive is equipped with several abilities. Always starts the matchup by hitting players with a searing blow. Avoid this blow to gain some margin and counterattack with a basic sequence of four hits. Be careful not to overextend yourself, Dark Clive's attacks are very damaging.

The Burning Riposte technique allows Dark Clive to sheathe his fire sword and throw it forward while rapidly advancing . The first move of this attack has a long duration, so you can avoid it by moving to Dark Clive's back.

In order to maximize the damage , it is crucial that you destabilize dark Clive in FF16 as soon as possible . If you don't, his defense will prevent Clive from doing significant damage.

Dark Clive is empowered by taking on a semi-demonic form. With this, his speed and attack power are drastically increased. Each thrust with his sword is accompanied by a flare, which on impact deals burning damage to Clive.

In this stage, Dark Clive uses the Pio+ technique. Using the swords, he generates streams of fire that emerge from the ground. . It is possible to avoid this attack by positioning yourself behind Dark Clive. Keep dodging his attack while trying to damage him to get him off balance again.

Dark Clive's second revitalization in Final Fantasy XVI precedes the Hellfire attack. This maneuver generates magmatic fissures in the Earth that detonate at intervals. Move through areas without danger to avoid burning wounds. This attack culminates in a significant area of effect (AoE) around Dark Clive. Stay at a distance during this offensive and use long range spells to deal with debuffs. .

Dark Clive also uses the Hellfire attack, which gives him the ability to dash alongside Clive, leaving a trail of fire in his wake. This move is always preceded by a hammer and anvil blow. Dark Clive instantly crashes over Clive and hits the ground causing a large detonation.

In this phase, Dark Clive enters a state of total rage, unleashing a relentless series of his deadliest attacks. Clive is in a titanic fight for his life. The rhythm is clear: dodge, hit, heal and continue .

As the fight with Dark Clive nears its climax, a sequence is triggered. Clive gains an ability similar to Dark Clive's when confronted with reality. . Although the last part of the fight is less complicated, watch out for an attack called Eruption, which causes a fiery crack under Clive.

Lightly press the square button when prompted and you'll end the match in no time . For defeating Dark Clive in Final Fantasy 16, you will receive 450 experience points, 180 skill points, 3200 coins, a Fiery Shard (exclusive material) and Enchanted Ash.

Once the sequence is complete, the Quest for the Purpose of Existence will trigger and you will return to Eastpool.

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