How to beat Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to beat Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy XVI

How to beat Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy XVI. To avenge Cid's defeat, you must first master the fight against Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy 16. The game does an excellent job of making you want a showdown with Benedikta. Unfortunately, this will not be the time, as she flees the scene, leaving you in charge of her Egi de ella, known as Chirada and Suparna. Although you have already met Chirada separately, her combination with her twin Suparna causes problems. . The Garuda sisters have a solid set of lethal combos , which can quickly drop your HP bar to zero if you're not careful enough.

To help you defeat these difficult bosses and progress in the game, we show you some tips and methods in this article on how to beat Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy XVI .

How to beat Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy XVI

At the start of the match, both opponents will separate and diversify their attack modes. . Chirada will focus on melee attacks, while Suparna will keep a safe distance and hit you with long-range attacks. With this in mind, the first thing you want to do is put Chirada in your crosshairs and focus on him.

With a mix of evasive moves (using L1) and melees against your opponent, you can put Suparna aside for now. . It's a good idea to set your camera just to keep Suparna on your radar in case of a surprise attack, although her ranged attacks are relatively easy to avoid. If you instinctively avoid Chirada's melee attacks, this should happen organically.

Watch out for Suparna's lightning attack in this phase, which he uses to tear the ground . It will manifest in the form of waves, so make sure you move to a clear room where the ground is not marked with color .

How to defeat Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy XVI

Defeat Chirada first . In the early phase of the confrontation, you'll want to prioritize taking down Chirada, as she represents the melee threat of the pair and is the only boss who will relentlessly pursue you at close range early in the game.

Her offenses and basic abilities are identical to those she displayed in your first battle against her, with the only difference being that she will not use Green Aura magic, a task that will be handled by Suparna.

It is possible to rule out Suparna entirely, as she will mostly cast spells that are fairly easy to avoid. if you stay away from the green aura that manifests on the battlefield.

The two bosses will unleash their exclusive ability called Perfect Storm, where they will unleash their powers simultaneously. Suparna will create green flames around you that will detonate after a short delay, and Chirada will rush at you twice.

Use Quick Recovery if you are suspended in mid-air. Quick Recovery is a very useful ability as it will allow you to regain your balance if you are thrown into the air by Chirada's dash ability.

Inheritance is a unique ability that allows you to acquire the abilities and skills of your defeated ally. In this situation, Suparna will be able to use melee techniques while Chirada will be able to cast long range and area of effect (AoE) magic spells.

Facing two powerful opponents at the same time can be a challenging task. and your health will likely deplete after beating the first one, especially if it's your first time facing this challenge.

You can take advantage of Torgal's potions and healing abilities before going after the last opponent or the moment he performs the inheritance technique.

After achieving victory over Suparna and Chirada in FF16, Clive receives 30 experience points, 45 reputation points, 1500 gil , 2 Troubled Eyes (Unique Crafting Material), 35 Sharp Fangs and 30 Mystic Ashes.

After defeating these two opponents, you can resume your search for Benedikta and confront her in a boss duel.

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