How to adjust star sensors in Fortnite

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How to adjust star sensors in Fortnite

We have a specific strategy to help you adjust star sensors in Fortnite. Then we explain step by step how to adjust your star sensors in an innovative and unique way, using a technique specially designed to help you save time and effort while achieving a perfect result.

Where to Adjust Star Sensors in Fortnite

To adjust the star sensors in Fortnite, you need to place them at the "Hidden Henge" landmark after contacting "Rift Warden Stellan" in the second set of missions of "Oatbound". Once you are at the location marked on the map, interact with the glowing outlines around the stone circle to set up equipment.

How to Adjust Fortnite Star Sensors

To align the star sensors in Fortnite, you must hit them with the harvest tool in the correct order. There are five sensors in total and it is easier to understand the puzzle to follow it logically rather than by trial and error.

By looking closely at the star sensors, you will see that they are marked with different phases of the moon , from the waxing moon to the first quarter, the full moon and the third quarter to the waning moon. You don't need to know any technical terms, just tap them in the order shown to adjust the star sensors in Fortnite.

As you damage each sensor it will flash and turn gray, don't worry if you go out of order, previous sensors will not reset. Once lined up, they only interact with the cosmic screen in the middle to complete this part of the Oathbound quests.

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