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How to activate Celia on Huawei

Huawei's artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant Celia is now available for Huawei users. Presenting an innovative way to interact with Huawei devices, this app promises to improve users' quality of life and offer unique user experiences. In this post, we will explain in detail how to activate Celia on Huawei, as well as access all its features.

1. What is Celia and how does it connect to your Huawei

Celia is an intelligent voice assistant available through the Huawei HiVoice app.

It is the digital equivalent of the Google or Siri assistant, its mission is to help users of Huawei devices by connecting their consultations, task management and entertainment around the law with the technology "grant your voice to provide a better service". With Celia, Huawei phone users get quick and accurate answers to their questions and always want it to add value to their user experience.

It's quick and easy to set up on your Huawei device, you just need a few simple steps. To get started, go to the settings section of your phone, select "HiVoice" and activate Celia or the voice assistants of your choice. After this, activate it by pressing the search button or the voice key. So the application will recognize your instructions.

Once Celia is activated, you start enjoying the amazing benefits of this smart assistant. You can use it to check the weather online, check calendars, set notifications, play music, send text messages, etc. You can also use it to monitor and control the content you use on your phone. It is truly a tool that offers many benefits. With Celia, Huawei phone users get quick and accurate answers to their questions, and it has a variety of apps to keep you informed, updated and entertained at the same time.

2. Necessary configurations to activate Celia on a Huawei

To enable Celia on a Huawei device, you obviously need some initial settings. These settings will help you in performance by improving your experience with Celia. The first configuration you need to do is to enable the permissions in the settings of your Huawei device. After that, you can start the setup of the Celia app. To do this, register the application with the mobile phone number you have activated in Huawei. In case it is not requested, it is necessary for registration to request a verification code.

Once this is done, complete the Celia app installation process. Here you need to do the following: enter the Celia application, select the configuration button and accept all terms and conditions. After this, the application will ask you for the following personal information:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Password

Finally, you agree to all the terms and conditions predefined by Celia for using the application. Once this is done, you will be able to start using the Celia application on your Huawei device. Now that you have completed the configuration, you will be able to enjoy the same experience and your usage will be improved.

3. Steps to activate Celia on your Huawei device

Celia is Huawei's voice assistant, a great help for all those who want to interact with their phone using voice commands. To enable it, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enable Celia Support Go to your phone's main menu and go to Settings > Device Manager > Voice Assistant. Once there, activate Celia's voice assistant by selecting it. From then on, you will enable Celia support on your device.

Step 2: Adjust Celia's support settings After you have activated Celia's support, the settings will most likely invoke a series of questions to adjust the support settings. This includes questions such as her name and the voice she will speak in. This setting is important as it will support more customization. Refer to the available guides if you need help.

Step 3: Download the Celia support application After you have adjusted the Celia's assistance settings, you need to go to the Huawei AppGallery to download the voice assistance application. Downloading the app will ensure you have the latest updates and features.

4. Support tricks for a successful setup of Celia on your Huawei

1. Understand the configuration of network settings

It is important to understand the details of the network configuration so that the experience with Celia is optimal. This involves checking with your service provider for the following: Internet connection version, SSID, DHCP settings, IP address, connection maintenance, security, and username and password. Receiving the collected information remains as a step to start the configuration.

2. Step-by-step configuration guide

There are many great and comprehensive tutorials that aim to give you the detailed steps to set up Celia on a Huawei device. For example, the following tutorial is specific to the Huawei P30 Pro device:

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Find and select Wi-Fi.
  • Go to Advanced Options.
  • Write the IP address at the top.
  • Select Connection method.
  • Select Static.
  • Enter the gateway address, subnet mask and DNS server.
  • Select Use DNS server address.
  • Log in with a Celia account to activate the settings.
  • Select OK or Save at the end.

3. Discover configuration support tricks

Some tricks may be required to set up Celia on a Huawei device. For example, look at the server ports by entering the server's IP address and password. Another useful trick is to understand the difference between manual and automatic connection. It is also important to note that the version of the network you are connected to can affect the security of the connection. If you are sure of the correct network settings, you can start all the steps mentioned above to set up Celia successfully.

5. How to disable Celia on Huawei if necessary

Disable Celia on Huawei: There are several ways to disable Celia on your Huawei device.

The first thing you need to do is open the control panel from the Celia app. Then click the confirmation button at the bottom right of the screen. There you will find the option to deactivate. Select this option and accept the terms and conditions to confirm the deactivation.

Once this is done, you can also disable Celia from the app's settings. Open the app and find the Settings option at the bottom right of the screen. There you will find the option to disable Celia and select it to disable the application.

6. What does Celia offer on a Huawei device?

The Celia company, one of the most important in the technology market, offers a variety of devices, including Huawei brand models. This brand offers terminal users with modern design, high quality and advanced technology. Choose from a wide range of models designed for different applications.

To help with this task, the company offers a survey tool . This tool allows the user to search for the brand, model, operating system, screen, internal memory and other data relevant to the device they are looking for. Once the device is selected, the user can better understand the technical characteristics and specifications of each Huawei model.

It also offers a personal customer service service. This will allow you to have high-quality technical support for any type of question about the device of your choice. From how to connect it, install it, do updates or even fix technical errors.

7. Summary of how to activate Celia on your Huawei

Activating Huawei's virtual assistant, Celia, is a simple, fast and secure process. Follow these steps to have it ready to use.

1. Go to the phone settings and find and open the application section.
2. Swipe down to find Celia.
3. Open the app, press the button to activate it and follow the instructions to verify your account.

Once the account is verified, you are ready to use the virtual assistant. If you encounter problems in officially activating Celia, activation can be done through online service providers. These providers offer you a detailed guide to make the process simpler and easier.

There are also some online tutorials on technology related forums and websites that can help you. These guides can be used as a reference to activate Huawei's virtual assistant, Celia.

You should keep in mind that the Celia activation process varies according to the operating system of the device. Therefore, it is important to know your operating system before activating Celia to avoid errors.

After reading this article on how to activate Celia on Huawei devices, we now hope that all Huawei users have a better understanding of how to configure and use the app to make their smartphone work better. We are confident that by using Celia, users can improve their device's intelligence and personalization while creating a unique user experience.

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