How to access Hogwarts Legacy's PlayStation Exclusive Quest, The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop

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How to access Hogwarts Legacy's PlayStation Exclusive Quest, The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop

Want to know how to access the exclusive mission of Hogwarts Legacy on Playstation? The quest " Haunted Hogsmeade Shop » is exclusive to Playstation 5 , but the game doesn't do much to make it visible or point you in the right direction. This can cause you to get lost or confused when looking for it. It's a shame ., as it is considered one of the best quests in the game, it is surprising that it is hidden and only available in the main story.

In this mission, you take control of a shop in Hogsmeade , and you discover that it is haunted by an evil poltergeist . Creepy mannequins and one of the most magical quests in the game await you. Unfortunately, Xbox and PC players cannot experience this mission.

How to access Hogwarts Legacy playstation exclusive quests

The mission Haunted Hogsmeade Shop It is only available to Playstation players who have purchased the PS5 version of Hogwarts Legacy. However, this quest will only be unlocked after completing the second trial, Charles Rookwood. After completing this test, you can go to hogsmeade and look for a quest marker to access this exciting and magical experience.

The mission in Hogwarts' Legacy that is only available on PlayStation is called "Mind Your Own Business". You'll start by talking to Poppy, a house elf sweeping in front of a deserted store. The quest will give you the opportunity to run your own shop in Hogsmeade and sell a wide variety of goods, from potions to ingredients.

But when you buy Cassandra Mason's shop for a modest price of 1,500 coins, you'll be faced with a seemingly simple task of retrieving some items for her from a chest . But that's just the beginning of a chaotic adventure.

After completing the quest "Mind Your Own Business" you can manage your own shop in Hogsmeade . The development company, Avalanche, claims that your shop will get better prices than anywhere else in the game.

After completing the mission "Mind your own business" you will not only have access to your own shop, but you will also be able to show off a unique style of cosmetic sets from the shop owner. These include a hat, a coat and an outfit. Dress in style as you go about your business at Hogwarts Legacy!

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