How do you play darts?

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How do you play darts?

How do you play darts? Sometimes we can have the hobby of playing darts. Regarding this game, we can mention that it can seem very simple if we consider that it is only throwing the darts at the target. However, this goes a bit further and for you to learn more about it, we are going to highlight some interesting data about it.

What is the origin of such a popular game as darts?

You have probably ever asked yourself this question about the origin of the game, because regarding it we can highlight that according to certain data it has the same some time since 1314 , this at the moment when English soldiers in moments of boredom used to play it while talking about the pending matches. In this sense, they threw splinters or other pointed materials.

At this point the game started. Over the years it has become very popular. among the military themselves, who had fun with it, the basis of the game, just like today, was about aiming practice , this was of great advantage in relation to the battlefield.

Very popular in Spain

An extremely strange fact is that in Spain this game of darts has its beginnings when it became popular, which happened in the 60s and thanks to the tourist boom of the English, carried out in the area of the Spanish coast.

As time went by, the game became quite popular , even all over the world, and was precisely in the XNUMXs, when dartboards and dartboards gave rise to electronic system , which made it more modern.

Steps to play darts

Let the technique of the game it is extremely simple. This considering whether they have plastic or steel tips , the process is simply oriented towards throwing arrows at a target or a circle, which is divided into parts and each is characterized by a score.

The game can be played through teams or individually. As for the start, the decision will be made as to who will launch in the first half, for this we have to launch the dart itself at the top of the goal centre. In this case, the player will start.

How does the points system work?

The game is very simple, since each of the arrows that manage to hit the target will give a sum that is marked at the end of the target. In contrast, the double-type ring is located in the more distant area than the one located in the target center , and each of the arrows released in that area will generate a double score.

When we talk about the triple ring , it is necessary to mention that it is located in the area closest to the center. If an arrow is fired and it lands in the mentioned area, it must be multiplied by the three points obtained.

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