How are the biomes in Valheim?

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How are the biomes in Valheim?

A whale world , biomes play a fundamental role in the development of the player, as each of them has different resources, enemies and challenges to face.

From the peaceful prairies , you'll soon face the terrifying Black Forest before diving into even more diverse biomes.

Each biome in Valheim offers its own unique landscape and features, so it's important that you adapt your survival strategy to each one to keep your chances of success alive.

To venture into the different biomes of Valheim, you must be ready to face different enemies such as Greydwarves, Skeletons and Deathsquitos , as well as having to fight a final boss , one of the Forsaken, in each area.

In short, each Valheim biome has its own unique characteristics and distinct landscapes, meaning you'll need to tailor your approach to each if you want to survive. Here is an overview of all the biomes in Valheim and what you can expect when you explore them.

List of walheim biomes

These are the 8 biomes of Valheim:

  • The whole sea
  • misty land
  • Prados
  • Pantano
  • Black forest
  • Mountain
  • deletes
  • Ashlands and the deep north

Next, we explain more about each of them

The whole sea

El ocean biome it's pretty self-explanatory and requires a boat to navigate through, either a basic fleet early in the game or a longship, the larger boat.

You won't find much else in this biome other than Leviathans and snakes . Be careful with the snakes as they can attack you and your boat.

On the other hand, Leviathans are friendly giants that appear as small islands. If you start mining resources on these islands, the Leviathan will slowly sink into the water.

misty land

After the last Valheim update, the Mistlands biome has been populated and, as the name suggests, is always shrouded in a dense fog that limits visibility.

Prepare to face the challenging seekers of Valheim and the huge cockroaches that live in this area. In the Mistlands, you can also find crops and creatures that, when consumed, grant magical powers to Valheim Eitr.

Explore these options to find out what skills you can gain. Finally, the sixth and final boss of the current Early Access version of Valheim, the Valheim Queen , resides in this biome.


El meadows biome it is the coziest and is probably the place where you will appear at the beginning of the game. Here you will find beech, birch and oak trees, as well as wild boar, grayling and deer . the biome is perfect for gathering all the basic resources you need to start your adventure in Valheim. This is also where you'll find Eikthyr, the game's first boss, marked on your map from the start.


The next biome is Pantano , where visibility is reduced due to fog, there is a lot of mud and thick trees, which makes it even more difficult than the Black Forest. In this place you have to fight against various creatures such as Draugrs, Skeletons, Wraiths and Surtlings , and since the Valheim Hearth and Home update they also appear as the Abominations .

In the swamps, you can find sunken crypts that require keys to open, and iron scraps. This is also where you have to meet boss number three, Valheim Bonemass.

Black forest

The El Black Forest biome is often found next to the Meadows, and is known for its hostility as it is full of Greyguards, skeletons, and sometimes trolls. By venturing into this biome, one can find various resources such as copper and tin , as well as caves and burial chambers. Furthermore, the Black Forest is the only biome where the Valheim merchant . The second boss, the Elder of Valheim, is also found in this biome, often near the border of the Meadows.


El Mountain biome It is a snowy and steep terrain, dominated by fir trees and creatures such as wolf, dragon, fen rings shaped like a werewolf and stone golems. In addition, veins of obsidian and silver ore . Boss number four, Valheim Moder, is also found in this biome. The Frost Caves of Valheim were recently added in a later update, providing more areas to explore underground.


El Plains biome it resembles a desert, but instead of sand, it is covered with grass. In this place it is possible to find some unique creatures, such as Fulings, Loxes and Deathsquitos . From the hearth and housing update, the plains are strewn with Valheim tar pits, which are home to plants. Fulings are troll-like creatures that are divided into different types, such as Berserker and Shaman, and live in Fuling Towns . Unlike other creatures in Valheim, Fulings have their own homes, watchtowers and farms. Additionally, the game's fifth boss, Valheim Yagluth, is also found in this biome.

Ashlands and the deep north

We now turn to the biomes that are still "evolving" . Although technically already present in the game, the Deep North is at the top of each map and the Ashlands at the bottom, but they lack content and don't offer much to do. The Deep North is similar to the mountains Biome, with lots of snow, but it's a bit flatter based on the screenshots, while the Ashlands is a wasteland where only Surtlings are currently found.

The reason these biomes were included in the game despite being incomplete is that when an update is released to add content to these areas, players won't need to create a new world to access it, since the biomes they will already exist. We have seen this with Mistlands and it will likely happen again when the update is released. Valheim Ashlands at a later date.

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