Honkai: Star Rail – Five tips to get started

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Honkai: Star Rail – Five tips to get started

Honkai: Star Rail was released only a few days ago, but it has already been downloaded over 20 million times. Developed by HoYoverse, the same team behind Genshin Impact, the game has a handful of mechanics that can disorient players unfamiliar with the genre, especially if they've never worked with other titles from the popular Chinese studio. That's why we've listed five valuable tips and tricks to help beginners with the game.

Explore the map in detail

Honkai: Star Rail can seem pretty straightforward, especially at the beginning of the journey: you get a task, go from point A to B, talk to a few characters and defeat the enemies. However, it hides a lot more than this, and you will soon notice it by progressing in the adventure and completing quests. You'll need a lot of resources to boost your grades and get Star Rail Passes if you don't want to buy the $4.99 Express Supply Pass. Therefore, pay close attention to your surroundings and explore every corner of the map in detail, looking for treasures and destructible objects. You can get Credits, Trailblaze EXP, Stellar Jades and more. The most valuable treasures will often be hidden behind one or more enemies, so be ready to fight.

Don't be (too) afraid to fight formidable enemies

As you progress through the game, you will eventually face some powerful enemies at a significantly higher level than your team. These tough guys will give you a hard time during battle if you choose to fight them, but it will be worth it. You will quickly notice them because their name and level are colored in red instead of the usual white. Beating Formidable Foes in Honkai: Star Rail will give you access to abundant rewards that will surely help you during your adventure. Make sure you have the right cones of light equipped for all your team members to maximize your chances of winning. The fight will most likely last a bit because you won't do much damage to these types of enemies, and on the contrary, you will lose a lot of HP. March 7's defensive ability will help you significantly, so don't forget to use it.

Use the fast travel system when you need it

Honkai: Star Rail has a handy fast travel system that lets you quickly move between places you've visited. However, this feature is not immediately available. You will unlock it as you progress through the story and get to "The Voyage Continues" quest. Open the map and click on any blue Space Anchor icon to use it. On the map, you'll also see the number of treasures you've collected so far in one specific area and the ones you might be missing, so you can go back there and look for them. You'll also be able to find formidable enemies and reach them to get valuable goodies after you defeat them.

Log in to the game daily

If you log into the game every day, you will be able to collect great rewards. Open the travel log and select the A World Beyond tab to claim the items. Currently, you will get one or more Star Rail Special Passes, depending on the day. If you're playing on a PC, remember that you can also download the game to your phone and use it to collect the daily rewards, so you won't lose your progress if you don't plan on turning on your computer for a while. Log in with your HoYoverse account and your progress will sync across platforms. Moreover, there is also an official daily check-in page for Honkai: Star Rail, just like for Genshin Impact, where you will receive extra rewards if you visit it every day.

Don't forget to use your character's techniques

During your exploration you will encounter several enemies. If you want to gain a slight advantage before starting a battle, use your character's unique ability called Technique. Each party member has one, and it can buff your stats or damage your enemies before you start the fight. You will quickly learn the best throw based on your playing style, but remember that it will cost you Technique Points. When you run out of them, you won't be able to use techniques until you restore them by breaking destructible objects or using specific consumables. As your level of equilibrium increases, the number of technique points at your disposal will also grow to a maximum of five.

If you're looking for additional rewards, check out the Honkai: Star Rail codes currently available for redemption. More guides coming soon, so stay tuned!

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