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Hogwarts Legacy March 8th Update

March 8th update for Hogwarts Legacy. El March 8, 2023 , an update for Hogwarts Legacy with several updates that want to fix bugs found in online games, quests, world events, and other features.

Hogwarts Legacy March 8 Bug fixes

Online bug fixes

  • Registration and monitoring of player accounts on the network.
  • Fixed DLC related issues in the pause menu and options menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the inventory of DLC flying mounts to disappear during a mission.

Mission bug fixes

  • The crash issue when unlocking the bandit camp cage before the mission started has been resolved.
  • Fixed not being able to complete a quest due to a specific conversation with Mrs. Kogawa being absent at her desk.
  • Fixed the situation where the avatar would get stuck between the barrel and the furnace when jumping or opening the tool wheel.
  • Fixed a duplicate collision near one of the shop entrances.
  • Fixed missing exit indication on some doors inside Hogwarts.
  • Fixed situation where opening butterfly chests other than intended for a mission does not count towards mission progression.
  • Removed butterflies that would appear in the specific area to advance the quest.
  • Fixed incorrect progression in the fusion mission.
  • Fixed a stability issue with spoons during potions classes.
  • Fixed stars that appear when the telescope is focused during astronomy class on low settings.
  • Fixed star pop and brightness issues in astronomy minigame.
  • Fixed shield display issue during Crossing Wands mission.

Broomstick plane bug fixes

  • Fixed the situation where the player would get stuck when riding a broom or spinning a statue.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to land on the Viaduct bridge.
  • Fixed broken grid error that appeared when the avatar was riding a broom after teleporting in an open area.
  • Fixed flickering and closing issue when running on any broom.

Bug fixes for world events

  • Carts hook up and get stuck while the avatar blocked them.
  • An occasional doubling of the One Man Band character in Hogsmeade.

Bugfixes for characters

  • Fixed the issue where some characters appeared without hair.

VFX bug fixes

  • Fixed speed parameters have been set for brooms.
  • Fixed issues where enemy shields would not display correctly during Cross Wands missions and would disappear after being hit multiple times.
  • The visibility of constellations on the astronomy table has been improved.
  • Fixed Dark Mage Extortionist Lightning AOE attack VFX staying on screen.

Audio bug fixes

  • Fixed the sound of the waterfall on the cliff to be proportional to the avatars proximity.
  • Updated latest soundbanks.
  • Fixed localization and selection of voiceovers so they play correctly.

UI bug fixes

  • Updated position strings.
  • Fixed the appearance of the female avatar differing from the in-game team preview.
  • Improved the transition between the UI purchase window and the mandatory conversation with vendors.
  • Fixed map showing incorrect route to map camera.
  • Fixed damage rendering when the enemy was hit with transformation and Ancient Magic Throw.
  • Improved tracking for rooms of need.
  • Fixed Ansel issue when setting FOV too high.
  • Fixed UI controller icons displaying correctly based on controller platform type.

Kinematic bug fixes

  • Facial animations have been updated.
  • Fixed NPC treadmill behavior during House Cup.
  • Fixed blur texture and LOD pop.
  • Fixed issue with avatar capes appearing before Fig made them appear in the ranking ceremony.

Ray tracing bug fixes

  • Improved stability and performance after long gaming sessions.
  • Improved the performance of visual effects during ray tracing.
  • Performance has been improved by batching and caching ray tracing buffers.
  • Removed fog volumes to improve Bounding Volume Hierarchy (BVH) performance.
  • Fixed RTAO issue causing decals to appear black.
  • Fixed directional light shadows.
  • Fixed shadows on trees.
  • Improved performance of light selection in the user interface.

Performance and stability bug fixes

  • Transmission issues throughout Hogwarts were resolved.
  • Fixed crash when displaying the common room to the player.
  • Fixed a crash related to skeleton mesh.
  • Fixed a crash related to deflection hits.
  • Fixed a crash when reading dictionary files.
  • Improved performance when using the Ancient Magical Gourd finisher on the elevated Thornback Embosher in the Rune Door Arena.
  • The rendering performance of translucent objects has been improved.
  • Fixed a crash during a history graph.
  • Plant transfer in the Slytherin Common Room has been fixed.
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Fixed a crash related to the map icon status.
  • Fixed a crash related to invalid UI.
  • Fixed streaming outside the Great Hall while navigating Hogwarts.
  • Fixed crash when performing sound occlusion checks around the player.
  • Fixed crash when using explosive barrels.
  • Fixed crash when using the fire spell.
  • Fixed crash when using Accio, Confringo or Stupefy spells.
  • Fixed crash when upgrading equipment.
  • Fixed recursive crash with Solomon's Shield.
  • Fixed crash with mount zones.
  • Fixed crash during battle's cursed lifetime.
  • Fixed crash during spawn run on broomstick.
  • Fixed occlusion removal when opening and closing doors.
  • Fixed occlusion removal issue.
  • Fixed a crash when traveling to Professor Fig's classroom.
  • Fixed crash related to Niagara and visual effects related to destructibles.
  • Fixed an issue with damage over time not tracking correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the glitch spawn actor was not saving correctly.
  • Fixed a crash related to spawn actors.
  • Fixed a crash during character creation.
  • Improved animation instantiation.
  • Fixed crash with moving stairs.
  • Fixed a crash with VFX after long gaming sessions.
  • Fixed Overland transformation issues causing crashes.
  • Fixed a crash related to item status.
  • Fixed a crash when stopping a match.
  • Fixed a crash with VFX AOE. • Fixed a crash with hints.
  • Fixed a crash related to achievements when the online user ID was invalid.
  • Fixed a crash when talking to Rackham.
  • Fixed a crash when using the Wingardium spell.
  • Fixed performance drops experienced during long gaming sessions.
  • Fixed performance drop in Divination classroom.
  • VRAM usage has been improved, especially for video cards with low memory.
  • Fixed ray tracing light performance in UI.
  • Fixed using Ansel when casting spells.
  • Fixed Ansel being used while the avatar is riding a broom.
  • Updated shading with latest PSO cache.
  • Optimized lighting with Nvidia drivers.

Show bug fixes

  • Fixed 32:9 aspect ratio issue when using an Ultrawide display.
  • Fixed Ansel issue when setting FOV too high.

Various bug fixes

  • Updated legal information and "special thanks".
  • Updated minimum video driver requirements for Nvidia and AMD.
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