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Hogwarts Legacy - How to Learn Imperio

Imperio is the second unforgivable curse you can learn in Hogwarts Legacy, and it will be taught to you by Sebastian Sallow during the "In the Shadow of Time" quest. This powerful spell temporarily forces the enemy to fight alongside you, actively aid against other enemies, and curse them when the spell's effect ends.

If you don't want to learn the Imperius Curse, you can always decline Sebastian's suggestion. But remember that unlocking an unforgivable curse will not negatively affect your story or character in Hogwarts Legacy. Instead, this spell will help you eliminate stronger enemies faster. So, let's see how to complete the "In the Shadow of Time" quest and unlock Imperio.

How to complete the In the Shadow of Time quest

"In the Shadow of Time" is a relationship quest you will continue with Sebastian Sallow. It will become available later in the game after you complete the main quest called "In the Shadow of the Mine." Additionally, you must have already completed all of the previous relationship quests related to Sebastian, including "In the Shadow of the Study", where your friend teaches you the Cruciatus Curse.

You will receive an owl from Sebastian, and the "In the Shadow of Time" quest will appear on your menu. You can start the quest by going to the catacomb and talking to your friend. He believes the relic may be hidden in this area and is determined to find it to help his sister Anne. When you're done talking to him, enter the catacomb with Sebastian.

Follow the main path and you will soon find more spiders that will attack you. You can use your Damage spells, especially Bombarda, Confringo, and Incendio, to fight them and burn their webs. Keep walking on the main path and you'll enter another room full of spiders. Once you've cleared the area, go left. You'll come to a large room with an altar and a student journal entry nearby. Take it and talk to Sebastian.

After that you will be able to continue with the mission. You must open the door in front of the altar to proceed. Two other paths also start from the main room, and lead to some treasures. To unlock the central passage, use Accio on the skeletons in the area, including the one on the altar, and bring them to the gate. You can use Revelio to find the remaining bones quickly. One is in the small room on the right, inside a tomb. Here you will also find some objects that you can collect. The other is inside one of the tombs on the wall in the main room.

When you get to the next room, Sebastian will offer to teach you Imperio. You can decline or accept the proposal. If you refuse, you can always learn later by joining your friend in the Undercroft. If you're ready to unlock the Imperius Curse now, the normal minigame will start when the conversation with your friend ends.

This spell allows your enemies to fight alongside you for a short period of time. They take less damage if hit by other enemies during this time. Also, when the Imperius Curse effect wears off, they will remain cursed and any damage they take will be more significant. You can assign this spell to any shortcut and try it on the spiders you find in the remaining parts of the catacomb.

After learning Imperio in Hogwarts' Legacy, you will continue your quest by reaching another chamber with a runic puzzle. The next door will be blocked by a bone barricade, just like the room where you found the journal entry. You need to bring the skeletons near the passage using Accio to open the gate. However, you must first solve the runic riddle to get them. Use Revelio to see where the bones are located, and check the runes drawn on each door. Use Accio on the exact two symbols you see for each door and you'll complete this section quickly and easily.

After unlocking the passage, you will enter the last part of the catacomb. Here you will find several spiders that will attack you. Defeat them, burn the nets and proceed to the small altar at the end of the room. Use Revelio to find The Relic's Note and the Lost Relic Illustration. Collect them and after this you will find the relic. Talk to Sebastian about it. He will take it.

It is now time to leave the catacomb, but you will soon be stopped by the Ominis, who have been secretly following you. Talk to him and he will let you go with the relic. The result will be the same, no matter what you choose.

You return to Feldcroft with Sebastian, only to find it invaded by Ranrok's loyalists. Defeat them to trigger the cutscene where Sebastian will use Imperio to save her sister. However, your friend's uncle will see everything and will not be able to forgive his nephew for using the curse. You will try to talk to the man, but the conversation will not help Sebastian.

This will end the "In the Shadow of Time" quest, allowing you to use Imperio against your enemies from now on.

How to upgrade Imperius Curse

You can upgrade your abilities and spells using Talent Points in the Talents menu. Among the best talents to unlock in Hogwarts' legacy, you'll find Imperio Mastery, which will further amplify the power of this unforgivable curse. Once claimed, each enemy under your control with Imperio will succeed in Cursing all other enemies they hit. Cursed enemies take additional damage from each attack.

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