Hitman 3: codes unlock all doors and safes

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Hitman 3: codes unlock all doors and safes

The Hitman 3 keyboard gives you access to locked doors and safes . Knowing these combinations in advance helps you explore new areas and get useful items for your quests. To use them, enter the 4-digit code manually into the corresponding locks. These codes are constant and you can find them in guides instead of searching for them in the game. Save time by avoiding listening to NPC conversations and scanning ads.

It is important to mention that the door codes can be used on all freelance contracts in these locations, but specific safes require hidden clues. Here we focus on door access, including the multiple door codes in China and the Dartmoor safe. With our complete guide to Hitman 3 keyboard codes , you'll always have access and nothing will stop you.

Hitman 3 keyboard codes for doors and safes

Dartmoor Hitman 3 keyboard codes

  • Level 2: Alexa Carlisle's Office Security Code – 1975

Level 2: Alexa Carlisle's office security code
To open the safe in Death in the Family from Hitman 3 , it may have already been unlocked by solving the mystery. If not, there's a button on the arm of Alexa Carlisle's chair behind the desk that moves a painting on the wall and reveals the safe with symbols on it. By relating these symbols to elements in the room with numbers on the plates next to them, you get the security code 1975.

Dubai Hitman 3 Keypad Codes

  • 0 level: Personnel area door code 4706.
  • Level 2 and 3 : Security safe code – 6927.
  • 5 level: Safe code for guest bedroom – 7465.

Level 0: Door codes for staff area
There are two doors with keypad codes on the way from the atrium to the staff area. One is in the corner near the stairs going down to level -1, and the other is behind a small bar on the way to level 1. Both have the same door code, 4706, written on the board in the meeting room.

Level 2 and 3: Security codes for security rooms
The security rooms on levels 2 and 3 have safes with evacuation cards to activate the VIP protocol. Fortunately, the same security code, 6927, opens both safes and is written on the bulletin board in the level 3 security room.

Level 5: Security code for guest rooms
You can gain access to the guest room in the attic in two ways: by stealing the key from a staff member or by forcing the door in with a pick/pry bar. A note on the computer inside the bedroom reveals the security code 7465 for the safe in the corner by the TV.

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