Handy with the Galaxy S10e – See what the canary yellow model looks like up close and personal

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Handy with the Galaxy S10e - See what the canary yellow model looks like up close and personal

Samsung has wrapped up the launch of the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, and the company is expected to release the three brand new models very soon. While several critics may immediately dismiss the Galaxy S10e as a "cheap" handset, it's far more premium than you'd be led to believe. Here's our exclusive hands-on with the Galaxy S10e Canary Yellow, and let's see why Samsung decided to announce this to the masses.

Right off the bat, the Canary Yellow offering will catch you off guard thanks to its striking looks, and don't get us wrong, Samsung knew this model would take on the iPhone XR, which is why it has the unique color. A side view of the smartphone shows that the device does not have curved edges and despite that, it oozes a premium look.

There's no plastic anywhere on the phone, so future customers and critics can shake off the notion that there's anything "cheap" about the Galaxy S10e. It also has a glass back, which gives it wireless charging capabilities, along with the metal rails on the side that give the device more durability. Of course, glass on both sides means that the smartphone will not only be a fingerprint magnet, but it will be smooth as a bar of soap, so attaching a phone case seems to be the best way to reduce fingerprints and get an amazing grip on the device.

In the next side position, you can see that the Galaxy S10e has a power button that also doubles as a fingerprint reader. First, thanks to the smaller 5.8-inch screen, the fingerprint reader will be easier to access and unlock the home screen. Sure, the on-screen fingerprint reader would have been a nice addition, but if you've noticed before, conventional scanners are faster, unlocking your device in the blink of an eye and before you can blink twice.

At $750, however, some customers may feel uncomfortable spending that amount of money on a device labeled as "cheap." At $900, the Galaxy S10 sounds more like a winner to many people, even though the latter is practically a step away from entering the price range of the iPhone X. Regardless, the Galaxy S10e is still a perfect fit for those looking to venture into the flagship , with Samsung as their first preference.

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