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Guide Charles Rookwood's Test at Hogwarts Legacy

Guide Charles Rookwood's Test at Hogwarts Legacy . The Charles Rookwood Quiz of Intellectual Dexterity will test your problem solving skills. How to master the test.

After discovering the map chamber under Hogwarts , you will face the trials of the four guardians to expand your knowledge of ancient magic that you dominate and prevent the evil goblin Ranrok from taking it over.

Guide Charles Rookwood's Test at Hogwarts Legacy

Only after passing Percival Rackham's test will you be officially introduced to the late Charles Rookwood . When Charles finds out that you are his descendant and cooperate with Ranrok as a dark wizard, he will lead you towards the second task of the Guardian. Although the first trial tested your wits, it pales in comparison to what's to come. This guide Charles Rookwood's Test at Hogwarts Legacy It will show you how to overcome each puzzle and battle, to return to Charles a victor.

How to enter Rookwood Castle in Hogwarts Legacy

To access Rookwood Castle, located in the Feldcroft Region , players must first defeat opponents and then use the Revelio spell to search for a box . Use Wingardium Leviosa to drag the box under the broken wall, then throw Levioso to levitate it. Jump on it to enter the castle grounds.

Once inside Rookwood Castle, Professor Fig helps defeat the enemies. . Then enter the castle to find the portrait, which is hidden behind a sealed door. . To solve the small puzzle and open the door, find three sigils on the wall and hit them at the same time.

All of Charles Rookwood's tests at Hogwarts Legacy

The student must pass four main stages to complete The Charles Rookwood Trial at Hogwarts Legacy .

The first phase is relatively easier than the following ones.

  • First, go up the stairs to the right and look at the signs. of ancient magic to activate the portal and generate the cube.
  • Then go down and past the tall pillar.
  • Use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to drag the cube under the platform .
  • Cast the Levioso spell on the cube.
  • Go up to move on to the second part of the test .
  • Alternatively, it is also possible to solve the puzzle using both the column and the cube.
  • Go through the portal to the blue side, which will transform the pillar into a second cube.
  • Drag the cube through the portal (to the red side) and stack the two cubes on top of each other to climb them .
  • Cross the bridge and explore the source of ancient magic to start the second phase of the Hogwarts Legacy challenge. The purpose is to remove the obstacle of the pillar blocking the way .
  • Stand in front of the portal and activate stealth on the right side to turn it around . This will turn the stationary pillar into a cube.
  • Use Accio to lure the cube through the door. .
  • Go around the portal and proceed to the third phase of the challenge.

  • The third puzzle is quite simple and can be solved by following simple steps. . Players must figure out the path to the path on the left to continue.
  • Explore the Pool of Ancient Magic .
  • Press the symbol on the portal to make it swing in the direction of the correct path .
  • Go through it and enter the blue side.
  • Turn around and press the symbol again.
  • Take the path to the left .

  • The final part of this test presents some complexity when completing it, as the protagonists must use one of the two portals to face an invisible enemy and reach the other side.
  • Begin the trial by exploring the source of ancient magic .
  • Go left and defeat the Guardian of the Pensieve .
  • Enter the portal on the blue side to defeat the second guardian of the Pensieve.
  • Turn the portals by pressing the symbol on the right .
  • Go up to find a cube instead of the pillar.
  • Use Levioso to levitate it .
  • Jump on it and access the upper portal.
  • Press the symbol again to rotate the platform .
  • Jump to the other side.

In the next room you will face a couple of enemies. . Along the path you will also collect a number of health potions before meeting the Pensieve Keeper .

Once the Guardian has been defeated, cross the bridge that forms and enter the chamber where the Towering Statue and Pensieve are located. Approach and interact with the Pensieve to see one of Charles Rookwood's memories .

The memory in question shows Isidora welcoming the other teachers into her home, introducing them to her father. Isidora claims to have the ability to relieve pain through magic, and to prove it, he uses it on his father. Although the other teachers ostracize her, she seems to have pulled through.

U When the memory is complete, use the Spellstone Bow to exit the Trial and return to the Map Chamber . Arriving, and striking up a conversation with Rackham's portrait. Both he and Rookwood will congratulate you on completing the test and introduce you to Niamh Fitzgerald, the former headmistress of Hogwarts. .

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