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GTA Online: tips for getting money, vehicles and property

Some helpful tips for GTA Online beginners include: get familiar with the map / game interface, join a party or join a raid to collaborate on missions and events , get a property early to have a safe place to save vehicles and weapons and save money to buy better weapons and vehicles.

It's also important to remember that the game is very competitive and can be difficult for new players , so don't be afraid to ask other players for help and practice to improve your skills.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, here are a few more for you to learn how to get the most out of GTA online.

1. Complete the GTA Online tutorial

To get started in GTA Online, it is important to familiarize yourself with the game and its mechanics by completing the tutorial section . If you are playing the standalone version of GTA Online, you will be able to jump right into the game, but if you have the full game of GTA 5, you may need to complete the main game Prologue before you can access GTA Online.

Once inside the game, you will be able to customize your character using the character creator and meet some familiar characters as you learn the rules of the game. In addition, the GTA Online Career Builder system is available to help you start your criminal career with a healthy cash injection.

While it is possible to skip the tutorial, it is recommended to complete it to gain a solid understanding of how the game works.

2. Buy a decent car and a garage

Getting one of the best sports cars in the game doesn't have to be expensive, in fact you can get one of them for free. The Mixture RH8 It is one of the best cars in the game and can be obtained by joining the Rockstar Social Club.

Once registered, this two-door car (resembling the Nissan GT-R) will be yours. With its good traction, it is an excellent choice for racing. Be sure to invest in loss/theft prevention at LS Customs to prevent other users from stealing your shiny new car as well. you'll also want to invest in a garage to keep your cars safe , the garage at Unit 124 on Popular St is a great option for low-budget beginners and can be purchased from the Dynasty 8 website.

3. Keep getting paid

Los Santos can be dangerous online and it's important to make sure you don't lose money earned on jobs. One way to do that is to collect your money at an ATM , which can be found at various locations in Los Santos and Blaine County.

You can also use fast gps in the interaction menu to go to the nearest ATM. However, a more efficient way to do it is to visit the Maze Bank website through your phone's browser and deposit your money into your bank account. Although we don't know how the cash is teleported to your bank account, but it works.

4. Save, then buy a business

With the number of updates and expansions that have been released in GTA Online, there is a wide variety of criminal enterprises that you can run , from nightclubs and card rooms to celebrity agencies and drug labs.

However, each of these businesses has a significant cost to establish, as it is necessary to purchase the property and necessary equipment. Therefore, it is important to research the different business options available and choose one to start, rather than spreading your finances between different endeavors.

If you choose a property to set up your company , there will often be many plugins available for one price, but you can come back and add them later, so don't worry about having to buy them all right away.

5. Steal a helicopter

San Andreas is a big place, so having a helicopter can be a big time saver . However, buying a helicopter can be expensive, especially one of the cheaper ones from Elitas Travel, such as the Buckingham Maverick, which costs $780,000.

Instead of buying one, you can choose to steal one . One of the easiest helicopters to steal can be found at Los Santos International Airport, near the flight school . With the right driving skills, you can jump the nearby fence and claim the helicopter for yourself.

6. Buy a luxury apartment

Before you can plan and execute the sophisticated heists in GTA Online, you need to reach level 12 . Also, if you want to plan these multi-part jobs on your own and have control over how the profits are split, you'll need to buy a luxury condo .

These stylish apartments come with essential planning boards for heist setups, and the "cheaper" ones can be found in Del Perro Heights.

You can buy one property visiting Dynasty 8 Real Estate on your character's phone and the price will be $200,000.

7. Keep your eyes open for weekly events

Rockstar runs regular events every week that give players double RP and financial rewards for participating in specific game modes, usually based around a central theme. Follow the news on the Rockstar Newswire to stay updated on these events , as they usually include weekly discounts on vehicles and properties.

8. Play nice to get agent rewards

Just like in real life, it's important not to be an underrated player in GTA Online. If you regularly help other players during missions and don't try to annoy them by stealing their vehicles or money or randomly killing NPCs, you will receive the bonus. "Good sport" . This bonus usually includes additional reputation points or cash. Playing the right way with others in your session really pays off.

9. Complete story missions

When you spend time playing through the different fighting and racing modes in GTA Online, you may feel bored with the experience. For something more personal, try playing the story missions. Characters like Lamar, Gerald, Simeon Yetarian and many more appear from GTA 5 and each of them have action-packed missions.

Most of these heist missions are very exciting and completing them will earn you money and reputation/job points. To access them, open the quest list from the pause menu and select them.

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