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Google Meet has come to revolutionize the way users connect using the video conferencing platform. Since its launch in May 2020, the service has become popular among businesses and individual users. Google's video conferencing platform offers users a variety of tools and features, as well as attractive tricks that can multiply productivity. In this article, we will explore some of the Google Meet tricks that can improve your experience using it.

1. How to improve the video calling experience with Google Meet?

Tips to improve your video calling experience with Google Meet

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Whether the call is made through a computer with a Windows operating system, or with a mobile phone with an iOS or Android system, it is a good idea to check that you have the latest version of the browser or video chat application.
  • Take advantage of the video and audio settings to fine-tune your microphone, improve sound quality and ensure a good connection.

If you want to improve your experience when communicating with Google Meet, it is very important that you pay attention to the following tips. First of all, make sure that you have a good Internet connection that allows you to maintain good audio and video conditions, even if the other participants in the video call are located in different parts of the world.

Likewise, it is important to check that whether the video call takes place through a computer with a Windows operating system or with a mobile phone with an iOS or Android system, you have the latest version of the browser or video chat application. This simple precaution usually helps to avoid most technical problems.

Finally, take advantage of the video and audio settings available in the video conferencing service to fine-tune the microphone volume, improve sound quality, set the highest possible image quality and ensure that call interruptions do not occur.

2. Tricks to optimize the image and sound quality of Google Meet

1. Set up call quality

  • Open Google Meet in a browser
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • Select the name of the call and open the audio and video settings
  • Select the desired quality for the call connection
  • Click "Save" to update the settings.

Audio and video quality settings can help improve the performance of Google Meet sessions. This is done to ensure that network resources are used to provide the meeting session with consistent audio and video quality.

2. Use headphones to improve sound quality
By using headphones for a Google Meet meeting, background noise caused by external ambient noise can be avoided. The use of a headset with a microphone is strongly recommended to avoid desk noise.

3. Adjust the upload and download speed of the network
The upload and download speed of the network affects the image and sound quality of the Google Meet session. For this process, Google gives you the option to manually select and adjust the network speed for better quality. This is done by adjusting the video resolution and audio bitrate.

3. The main features of advanced video calls in Google Meet

  • HD image quality . Google Meet video calls ensure high image quality for each participant with technology that allows you to change the quality of the connection so that all members get enough bandwidth to participate optimally. This feature also ensures real-time transmission even if the Internet connection is low.
  • Share screens in real time . This feature is most useful for work meetings where members need to share data and ideas, enabling each of them to share their screen, create discussion forums and presentations, without spending time creating, sending and downloading files.
  • Call recording . This is one of the main features of advanced Google Meet video calls that allow you to record an entire conversation with all participants, to later share or save it for later use. This feature makes it even easier for team members to share information and compare details from the previous meeting again.

Google Meet also includes the ability to frame your video calls, ideal for professional meetings or family gatherings. This tool allows users to choose a custom frame to show their best face.

Another cool feature of Google Meet is the ability to block and kick anyone out of the conversation at any time. This feature ensures the security and privacy of the conversation, especially in professional meetings with many people.

In addition, Google Meet offers the ability to write chat messages during the video and file sharing conversation, which means that users never have to leave the conversation to share information via chat or send notes or documents. This function also facilitates meetings and makes it easy for all participants to follow what is being discussed without having to interrupt the conversation.

4. The benefits of screen sharing in Google Meet

Share screen in Google Meet:

Screen sharing in Google Meet allows users to share a window or part of the screen without having to download additional content. With this tool, users can show a document, presentation or other information they think is relevant to meeting participants. This feature comes with the app, making it more accessible to everyone.

In addition, screen sharing in Google Meet allows meeting participants to collaborate directly on the screen in the same way as collaborative editing in Google Docs. This feature can be of great benefit to teams working on presentations and documents alongside other meetings.

Another advantage is that screen sharing in Google Meet allows you to record the meeting and save it for later review. This tool allows you to keep a record of comments, observations or other important information discussed during the meeting. This new feature is ideal for those who want to review information from previous meetings and to ensure consistency in the information shared.

5. How to use the chat function in Google Meet?

Using the chat function in Google Meet

  • Step 1: Open the Google Meet tool and go to the "Chat" tab in the left menu. The chat appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 2: You can open a public chat, which all video conference participants can read and contribute to the conversation, or start a private chat to discuss topics in more depth or with a single participant.
  • Step 3: Once the desired option is selected, click on the chat icon to start the conversation, an input box will also open to write your message.

You can send messages simply by typing them in the aforementioned input box followed by "send". All the messages sent during the video conference will be saved in the 'Chat' section to be able to view them later. In addition, Google Meet offers the option to send files via the tool. You can add text documents, images or other types of files to share with the other participants in the video conference.

Another great feature is the ability to search the chat. Once in the chat tab, you can enter a term in the search box to filter the results in the chat. With this tool, it is very easy to find the necessary information without having to search through all the messages.
In this way, Google Meet offers a chat tool that is easy to use and useful for any video conference. Undoubtedly one of the best tools for conducting meetings remotely.

6. New tricks and functions in Google Meet

Ideal for synchronous video calls with multiple users, the Google Meet tool offers users various features that enhance the remote communication experience. These latest additions make it possible to improve the quality of the users' conversation, reduce the possibility of errors and increase the guarantee of a successful conversation.

Choose who will speak: This new feature allows users to choose who will speak. This can be done by selecting the person's name and from there the user can decide whether that person should be allowed to speak at that time. To use this tool, simply select the person's name and press the word "Enter" or "ENTRAR" to give the person the ride.

Noise Reduction: Another interesting benefit of the latest features added to Google Meet is noise reduction. This technological solution cancels background noise or noise from unnecessary sounds in the surroundings during the video call. This process significantly increases the quality of communication, giving users a much better experience. This new feature is extremely useful for meetings where multiple users are talking at the same time.

Automatic recording: This latest improvement to Google Meet enables automatic recording of the conversation in the video call. This functionality is intended to help users avoid the need to use a separate tool to record the meeting. The footage is available in original quality, including audio and video, to help users watch everything they missed. In addition, there is an option to enable "book drop" mode for users to review the conversation after the meeting.

We hope these Google Meet hacks have helped greatly improve your meeting productivity. If you find that the digital tools offered by Google are critical to your workflow, users can also consider Google Meet's cloud-based alternative: Google Workspace. It is an economical solution for organizing and managing any work team. With this, tech-savvy users will have the ability to keep up with productivity from the comfort of professional virtual rooms.

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