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Get water at Sons of the Forest

Electric water supply is essential in Sons of the Forest, as it can be obtained from natural resources or stored in containers. Hydration is essential to stave off thirst and prevent dehydration, although there are limits to what can be done to keep it under control.

Fortunately, finding water in Sounds of the forest is relatively easy once you know where to look. Although there is no specific indication of the location of the water tanks, it is easy to find them once you have this information. Then it will be described how to get water in the sons of the forest , as well as some strategies to preserve it for later use.

How to get water in Sons of the Forest

There are several ways to get water in Sons of the Fores t, among them are:

These options will help you reset your character's thirst gauge , which will appear as a small drop icon on your map. It should be noted that thirst is also related to stamina, and lack of hydration can have negative effects on your character. Each of these methods and how they work will be explained in detail below.

Where to find water in Sons of the Forest

It is possible to obtain drinking water from streams and lakes in Sons of the Forest , but it is important to note that some water sources can cause disease. For example, you should never drink sea water, either in the game or in real life, as it can have negative effects on your character's health. To find water in the game, you simply need to take out the GPS map and look for the blue area . It's a good idea to look specifically for blue lines, as a stream is a fresh flowing water source and shouldn't make you sick.

To drink, simply stand in the water, face it and press the E key when the water drop icon appears . This way your character will drink and restore their hydration level.

Yarrow and foods that restore water

A son of the forest, yarrow is represented as a small group of white flowers and can be used to restore part of the hydration level when consumed. Others may be added in future updates. foods with similar properties. Yarrow tends to grow in dense clumps in wooded areas, so if you find one plant there are likely several nearby. Consuming it can be a quick fix to hydrate yourself if needed.

Where do you find the flask/water trap

One way to store water on Sons of the Forest is using a flask or water collector . To find it, head to the point of interest closest to the southeast from the original helicopter crash site, as shown on the GPS map . There you will find an electric trolley covered in plants and a stone staircase leading underground. After going down the stairs and going through the gap, follow the tunnel until you get to a room where you'll find a 3D printer.

To pull a flask from your print , use the laptop next to the 3D printer and select the flask option . Press E to start printing and wait a few seconds for it to complete. Once printed, the flask starts empty, but you'll be able to fill it at a water source, such as a river, by equipping it in your hand and pressing E as if you were drinking. Afterwards, you can drink from the flask like any other item, and refill it when it runs out. You can also print more jars to take more water with you.

Why can't I drink water?

It is important to know that you cannot drink water from a stream or other source while holding an item or weapon. You need to have your hands free to drink, so you need to release whatever you're holding by pressing the G key (or whatever key you've set to disable). When your hands are free, you can drink water without limits.

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