Get this retro-inspired gaming console with 620 games for just $24.99

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Get this retro-inspired gaming console with 620 games for just $24.99

Today's featured deal comes via our Gear + Gadgets section of the Neowin Deals store, where for a limited time only you can save 10% on this retro-inspired game console with 620 games .

Inspired by popular TV game consoles from the 1980s and 1990s, this game has 620 different classic-inspired games that bring you back to your childhood instantly. You don't need to insert cards or download games – all 620 games are preloaded in the system.

Not only can you go through the classic games, but you can also play with your children to promote parent-child communication and help them experience the growth of their parents. Let them enjoy the same happiness and fun in their childhood as you!

This console is AV output, make sure your TV/monitor has AV input ports. Just connect the game console to power, then connect it to the TV via AV cable, and connect the controllers. Power on start playing games now!

Included is the console, two controllers and a TV AV adapter cable.

  • 620 games. Preloaded; relive your childhood in an instant
  • Ready to play. You don't need to insert a card or download games
  • AV output. Connects to your TV or monitor with AV input ports
  • Complete. Includes a console, 2 controllers and a TV AV adapter cable

Includes classics such as King of Fighters, Dungeons and Dragons, Street Fighter, Mario Bros, Tetris and Space Invaders. Plus, you can play games with your favorite superheroes from X-Men and Marvel!

Here is the deal:

The retro-inspired game console with 620 games normally costs $27.99, but you can pick it up for just $24.99 for a limited time – that's a savings of $3. For a full description, specifications and (worldwide) shipping information, click the link below.

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