Get stems and seeds from the Fluxweed Hogwarts heirloom

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Get stems and seeds from the Fluxweed Hogwarts heirloom

At Hogwarts' Legacy, the flux grass seed is used to grow flux grass stem , which is an important ingredient for making Focus Potions . These potions are very useful, as they reduce the cooldown of magic . To craft them you need Fluxweed Stems, Lacewing Flies and Dugbog Tongue.

If you're wondering how to get those Fluxweed seeds and stems, don't worry, this guide will explain everything.

How to obtain fluxweed seeds and stems

If you want to get Fluxweed seeds or Fluxweed stalks, you need to visit The Magic Neep. This shop is located in the northwest corner of Hogsmeade, across the river. Here you will find Timothy Teasdale , who is Hogsmeade's supplier of fresh produce, seeds and fertiliser.

With a Magic Neep, you can enjoy finding everything you need to grow plants and brew drinks for the herbal course or the need room. Essentially, it's a one-stop shop for unlocking all kinds of plants, seeds, and necessary ingredients. Feel free to visit The Magic Neep to get Fluxweed seeds and stems.

What can we find in Magic Neep?

At The Magic Neep you can buy a wide selection of seeds and ingredients , for example:

seed packets

  • Fluxweed seeds: 350g
  • Knot grass seed: 350g
  • Malvasulce seeds: 200g
  • Wrinkled fig seeds: 450g

Items from the needs room

  • Fertilizer: 300g
  • Dictamus leaves: 100g
  • Fluxweed stalk: 150g
  • Kvistkvist: 150g
  • Malvadulce leaves: 100g
  • Wrinkled fig fruit: 150g

If you already got Fluxweed, you might want to start Brew your own Focusing Potions in the Room of Requirement. But to do that, you'll first need to get some potion recipes from J. Pippin's Potions. This shop is located in the northwest corner of Hogsmeade, just before you cross the bridge that leads to The Magic Neep.

In J. Pippin's Potions, you will be able to obtain the recipes, ingredients, and combat tools necessary to create potions. Here's what you can buy:

potion recipes

  • Focus Potion Recipe: 1200g
  • Thunderbrew Recipe: 1200g
  • Invisibility Potion Recipe: 800g
  • Ultimate Potion Recipe: 500g


  • Ashwinder Egg: 150
  • digging tongue: 100g
  • Horklump juice: 50g
  • Stringing flies: 100g
  • Jumping capsules: 150g
  • Leech Juice: 150g
  • Spider Fang: 50g
  • Stench of the Dead: 100g
  • Baby trolls: 100g
  • Mixed skin: 50g

Combat tools

  • Focus drink: 500g
  • Thunder beer: 1000g
  • Edurus Potion: 300g
  • Invisibility Potion: 500g
  • Maximum Potion: 300g
  • Wiggenweld Potion: 100g
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