Fortnite – How to get the Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger skin and cosmetics

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Fortnite - How to get the Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger skin and cosmetics

The long-awaited Eren Jaeger skin is finally available in Fortnite MEGA, along with various cosmetic items from Attack on Titan. Players who have purchased the Seasonal Battle Pass will receive this outfit as soon as they complete all the Eren Jaeger missions listed in the main menu.

There are eight different missions associated with this task, each rewarding players with additional AoT-themed cosmetic items upon completion. You have until June 2nd to redeem the Eren Jaeger skin, and you can check out this guide if you need some help with his quests in Fortnite.

How to complete the Eren Jaeger missions in Fortnite

You can easily check all available Eren Jaeger missions in Fortnite by going to the main menu; all your progress will be tracked here. Once you've completed all eight missions, you'll get the Eren Jaeger outfit at no extra cost if you have this season's Battle Pass. The challenges are listed below.

Reward : The scout regiment salutes fashion

Guard Towers are highlighted on the map when you select this mission. There are six on the island, but you only need to visit five to complete the quest. They are mainly located near The Citadel, Breakwater Bay, Shattered Slabs and Slappy Shores. If you move around the area by car or bicycle, you will quickly complete this challenge.

Reward : Banner icon

You can use any weapon to complete this Eren Jaeger quest in Fortnite. For example, you can equip a shotgun, jump before hitting your opponents, and repeat until you deal 300 damage to them.

Reward : Regiment Gear wrap

Once you get a Thunder Spear, you can use it against structures to destroy them. If you can't complete this mission in one match, you can always continue to do it in the next. You can get a Thunder Spear from Scout Regiment Footlockers, and if you're lucky, also as a standard chest or floor swap.

Reward : Cellar Key behind bling

Go to Anvil Square, and reach the building located southeast of this location. On the outside you will find some stairs to the basement. Watch out for other players who land here as they will likely complete the Eren Jaeger missions as well.

Reward : Certain Eren emoticon icon

You can find ODM Gear and Thunder Spears as standard floor or chest loot, but you have a better chance of getting at least one of these items in Scout Regiment Footlockers. Once you get one or both, use their attacks to hit opponents seven times, even during different battles.

Reward : Titan Strike Harvesting Tool

Make sure you get the ODM Gear to complete this task. You can find a Scout Regiment Footlocker inside the tower west of The Citadel. Once you get it, select the mission from the main menu and check where to find the Titan Targets. You need to go to four of them for this mission. Visit the highlighted locations and hit the neck of each target until you complete the challenge.

Reward : Eren's Faceoff Spray

There are plenty of Scout Regiment Footlockers on the island. You can find many near The Citadel, Shattered Slabs, Anvil Square and around the map. These unique items are easily recognizable because they are larger than standard loot chests and have the Scout Regiment symbol on top. When you open them, you have a high chance of finding ODM Gear and a Thunder Spear inside.

Reward : A world without walls loading screen

Search the Scout Regiment Footlockers for ODM gear, and once you get it, use it to swing from three different trees in a row. If you fall, you have to start this all over again.

Fortnite also has various weekly missions that offer plenty of XP as rewards. If you're looking for some tips, check out how to complete Week 4 and Week 5 missions in our dedicated guides.

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