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Fortnite Character Locations in Chapter 4

With the new Fortnite Rebel character, the game universe is expanded with more possibilities. You can find out by visiting The Hall of Whispers in Brutal Bastion .

The cast of characters has changed significantly in Chapter 4, with only a few like Evie and Fishstick returning from previous seasons.

It is important to know the locations of the characters, as some weapons can only be obtained from them, and to complete missions, it is sometimes necessary to find specific characters.

To get exotic weapons in Fortnite, visit NPC characters like Evie at Shore Shack, Frozen Fishstick at Icy Islets, Princess Felicity Fish at Western Watch, Sunflower at Frenzy Fields, Surrr Burger at Anvil Square or Wild Card at one of their three locations .

They all have weapons and other useful items for sale . Make sure you know their locations ahead of time so you can find them when you need them.

Knowing the location of characters in Fortnite is still valuable, even if they no longer hand out quests. They will reward you with useful items when you find them, as well as providing services such as predicting the next circle of storms and acting as bodyguards. To take advantage of these resources, it is important to know the location of the 18 different NPC characters.

To get the most valuable weapons, items and information in Fortnite, you need to go to the characters in the game. These accept payments in the form of gold bars and offer a wide variety of useful items. With our Fortnite character location guide, you'll find these elusive NPCs in no time. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your gaming experience and contact them today.

Fortnite Character Locations in Chapter 4

There are a total of 18 characters in Fortnite that you can find on the island . You can keep track of the ones you've already discovered by going to the Collections section of the Quests screen.

Each character can be found in a specific location on the map, with the exception of Joni The Red and Wild Card. If you get close to a character, you'll see a speech bubble icon on your map and overhead.

When you interact with them for the first time, they will be added to your collection and a confirmation will appear on the screen . Note that if they are hired or killed by another player, they will disappear from the scene. This guide will show you where to find all the characters in Fortnite.

  • 01) Aura – Crude Harbor (North of Brutal Bastion)
  • 02) Evie – Shore Shack (west of Frenzy Fields)
  • 03) Frozen Fishing Rod – Icy Islets (west of Brutal Bastion)
  • 04) Frozen Red Knight – Brutal Bastion (north side of main building)
  • 05) Omega Knight – Secluded Spire (Southwest of Slappy Shores)
  • 06) Princess Happy Fish – Western Watch (southwest of Citadel)
  • 07) Raptorian The Brave – Pleasant Passage (South of Anvil Square)
  • 08) Neymar Jr. – Slappy Shores (football field on the northeast side)
  • 09) Scrapknight Jules – Defective Divisions (building on southeast side)
  • 10) Helsie – Hidden Henge (NW of Faulty Splits)
  • 11A) Joni The Red – Rowdy Acres (southwest of Frenzy Fields)
  • 11B) Joni The Red – Defective Divisions (Central Building)
  • 12) Snowheart – Cold Cavern (northwest of Brutal Bastion)
  • 13) Sunflower – Frenzy Fields (orchard on the north side)
  • 14) Surrr Burger – Anvil Square (east side building)
  • 15A) Joker – Breakwater Bay (middle of area)
  • 15B) Joker – Royal Ruin (west of La Citadel)
  • 15C) Joker – Shattered Slabs (north end of area)
  • 16) Diamond Diva – Meadow Mansion (west of Frenzy Fields)
  • 17) Renegade Shadow – Woodsy Ward (east of Breakwater Bay)
  • 18) Rebel – The Hall of Whispers (southwest of Brutal Bastion)

What do the Fortnite characters do?

Interacting with Fortnite characters will give you more options to choose from, such as taking on a quest or acquiring something through them.

  • Challenge: Meet the character in battle and get his weapon as a reward.
  • Healing: Get well.
  • Hire : Hire the character to fight by your side.
  • Prop Suit: Transform into an item until you use an item or take damage.
  • Crack: Open a crack to teleport to the sky and glide.
  • storm warning : See where the next storm will form on the map.
  • Tip for Driver: Leave a tip for the Battle Bus driver in the feed.
  • Arma : Buy a weapon (including exotics) of the character.
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