Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 – How to Complete Week 4 Missions

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 - How to Complete Week 4 Missions

New weekly Fortnite missions are now available, and they feature different challenges that, when completed, will reward you with tons of XP. You have until the end of the current season to complete them, so there's still plenty of time. You can check week 4 assignments in this guide.

Fortnite Wilds: Week 4 Missions

This season's weekly missions are divided into two stages, plus one final mission you unlock when you complete at least five Week 4 challenges. They have different tasks, from hitting weak points with pickaxes to traveling a certain distance by vehicle.

In this guide you will find several tips and tricks to help you easily complete week 4 missions in Fortnite Wilds.

This mission is quite simple. You must hit weak points with pick 25 times. It shouldn't take long to complete it. Aim for the weak points highlighted on the screen; even if you miss some, you will complete this in a few minutes.

There are fourteen named places on the island. You can see them when you open the map in Fortnite. When you start a new match, you always land in a new named location. You will complete this mission in five games. Otherwise, you can also play Team Rumble and deploy your slider as you visit different named locations on the map.

You can find many vehicles on the map. They are almost everywhere. Cars and motorcycles can be found quickly if you visit MEGA City, the Drift Ridge circuit north of the city, or Slappy Shores, to name a few. Gas stations also have a wide selection of vehicles. When you enter one, travel at least 2000 meters to complete this week 4 quest in Fortnite.

You'll find plenty of shotguns as you explore the island as standard earth or chest loot. The same applies to the Explosive Repeater. Once you have one of these weapons, start looking for enemies and shoot them. The mission will be completed when you eliminate seven of them, even during different battles.

This mission requires you to eliminate three different players in a single match. You can do this in Team Rumble or join Battle Royale and land near a populated area. The newest biomes, Shady Stilts, Creeky Compound, and Rumble Ruins, should be pretty crowded. Get some good weapons first and join the fray. Try to surprise enemies so you will have better chances to complete this week 4 mission in Fortnite.

You must complete a game in the top 10 to complete the mission. This task can be quite challenging, but it is not impossible to achieve. To increase your chances of success, hide in sparsely populated areas far from named locations and sights. You can even reach the top 10 without eliminating anyone. However, try to get good weapons at the start of the match so you will be ready for any fight.

You can buy Cloak Gauntlets from the NPC Trace, east of Rumble Ruins, for 400 gold bars. Once you have them, go to any capture point. You'll find one at the Creeky Compound and another at the Rumble Ruins. Claim the point and use them before the action is completed.

If you need more help with weekly Fortnite missions and are looking for some tips, check out our Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 guides.

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