Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 – How to Complete Week 7 Missions

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 – How to Complete Week 7 Missions

Weekly missions in Fortnite are here again, and week 7 missions have five different challenges for all players in the popular battle royale. You can check them in this guide.

Fortnite MEGA: Week 7 Missions

Week 7 challenges in Fortnite reward players with 12,000 XP each, except for the fifth which offers 24,000 XP upon completion. These aren't the fastest quests this season so far, as they include various tasks that can take some time. You will find them below.

For this mission, you need to put up three Wanted posters in different places on the map. Fortunately, they are marked when you select the mission in the menu, so it doesn't take long. The first place you need to reach is the Shattered Slabs. Then you also need to go to Brutal Bastion and MEGA City to complete this weekly challenge. For each poster, you must interact with the wall to place it.

Dahlia and Styx are two NPCs that were recently introduced to the game. When you select this quest in the main menu, their locations will be highlighted so you can easily spot them. You only have to reach one of the two and buy one of the items they sell. Styx is at a building between Anvil Square and Slappy Shores, while Dahlia can be found on the edge of the only green spot in the north of the map, above Brutal Bastion and Lonely Labs. Before going to these NPCs, make sure you have enough gold bars to buy something. If you want to get the legendary weapons they sell, you need 400 bars.

You can find many bonfires in the game. When you light them, they will restore some of your health if you take damage. However, for this mission you just need to light them and you will complete it even if your HP bar is full. You'll find campfires easily as you wander around the map, especially near Anvil Square and Brutal Bastion.

Cobra DMR can be found as a standard chest or floor replacement, and it's actually quite common to get this season. Once you have one, you need to headshot your opponents five times to complete this weekly mission in Fortnite. The task is not the easiest to complete, but you still have plenty of time before the season is over. Also, this mission can be done during different battles, so you don't need to rush.

Exotic weapons are not easy to come by in Fortnite, but there are a few methods to get them. These items can be found inside Holo Chests, so go to CRZ-8 at Bamboo Circle, north of MEGA City, and buy some keys from this NPC. They will cost you 100 gold bars each. Holo chests are scattered around the map, but not all of them can give you an exotic weapon. Search for them until you find one and unlock it. Alternatively, if you're lucky enough, you'll get the Exotic Grab Bag Augment during any battle, and activating it will give you an exotic weapon that will spawn in front of you. Once you have it, equip it and eliminate three players with this weapon to complete the mission.

If you need help with the previous missions, check how to complete them in our Week 0, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5 and Week 6 guides.

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